CARTOON: Undelivered e-mails

Undelivered e-mail by Dave

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Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.


YUP – the Cyber Monster ate my fabulous entry on my other site and I was too peeved to re-do the same*, so here is what came to my mind after it happened. I think that it is one of the teeny ones floating around the North Pole, actually


Tis for now. Rii xx
* Yes, I do copy the entries onto MS Works…


Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station is the world’s largest satellite earth receiving station, located on Goonhilly Downs near Helston on the Lizard peninsula. There are over 60 communications dishes, 25 of which are in use, providing a significant proportion of the UK’s satellite connectivity. The site also links into undersea cable lines.

The first communications dish was Antenna One, otherwise known as Arthur, and was built in 1962 to link with Telstar. It was the first open parabolic design and received the first live transatlantic television broadcasts from the United States. Many of the dishes are named after characters from Cornish legends. The largest dish, Merlin, has a 32 metre diameter. Other dishes are Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde.

Although the earth station is powered from the national grid, the site has large diesel generators to provide indefinite backup power in the event of a national grid outage. The satellite dishes at Goonhilly are directed at every continent, and almost all international news travels to and from Britain via the huge discs.

Goonhilly simultaneously handles millions of international phone calls, emails, and TV broadcasts, as it is able to transmit to every corner of the globe through space or through undersea fibre optic cables…”