DUSTIN The Turkey …

Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest so many times that it got too much for the tiny nation to cough up the dosh to make a posh do aka to arrange the competition year in, year out, so that the representatives selected on the same from the Emerald Isle have not done well at all for years and years.

But this year there is a very amusing entry, for the Irish voters picked the children’s hand puppet as the best of six finalists in a decision that is likely to ruffle some feathers – LOL!! — at the event in May. The entertainer’s song Irelande Douze Points emerged as a clear favourite in the weeks leading up to the country’s vote.

Dustin has been one of Ireland’s leading stars since he joined The Den with fellow puppets Zig and Zag in the 1990. He is no stranger to being in the limelight, having recorded six albums and performed a host of comical duets with artists such as Bob Geldof, Chris De Burgh, Ronnie Drew, Dervla Kirwan and the late Joe Dolan.

Dustin was plucked – HaHa!! very apt word as we are talking about a turkey — from six finalists to win a televised poll programme in the Republic of Ireland on Saturday night. And such is the contest’s reputation for successful novelty acts that bookmakers have made him 10-1 favourite to win in Belgrade in May. His song is entitled Irelande Douze Pointe, a reference to the maximum of 12 points which each country can award to a song.  Dustin’s song, sung in a North Dublin accent, urges the contest judges to “give douze points to Ireland, for its lowlands and its highlands, for Wogan’s wig and Bono’s leather pants. We brought you Guinness and Westlife, 800-years of war and strife, but we all apologise for Riverdance.”

The Eurovision Song Contest, now in its 53rd year, is known for its glitzy but tacky costumes, bizarre songs and outrageous performances. An estimated 100 million people from 42 countries watched last year’s gala, which took place in Helsinki.

The background of this turkey vulture loved by many is according to the Wikipedia that “Dustin was introduced as a character when one of the puppets, Zag, who was trying to join the upper classes, entered a golf tournament with Tony Fenton the 2fm DJ and came last. The prize was a Christmas Turkey, and a chance to meet movie star Dustin Hoffman.

It transpired however, that the turkey shared the name of the movie star and was not only still alive, but had a Dublin accent and his own building company. Zig and Zag intended to eat Dustin for Christmas dinner, and only changed their minds when a frequent visitor to the show, artist and children’s novelist Don Conroy, provided his taxonomical opinion that Dustin was, in fact a cross between a turkey and a vulture, and therefore unsuitable for human or Zogling consumption (Zig and Zag are aliens from the planet Zog). He makes appearances outside of The Den, including an annual appearance on The Late Late Show Toy Show special at Christmas each year.”

See for yourselves his remarkable talent in this video:.

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For Your Vision – EUROVISION


I wrote last year and I am quoting: ”Would you believe that Finland is taking part in the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest* this year with a song – read: a show – that could actually get somewhere? I am not a fan of this kind of performing, but nevertheless, I am going to follow to see how the show develops. What I am going to sorely miss – as I always do when not in the British Isles this time of the year – is the hilarious and sharp BBC commentary of Terry Wogan – that verbally able Irishman – on the competition. His comments really are priceless making the viewing of the show more bearable in spite all the gaudiness and the tack of the performances.”

Finland won the competition, so that this year the circus is in Helsinki. And Da Blonde is not there to enjoy it.

The lead singer of this band comes from the town in Lapland called, Rovaniemi, which is also the birth town of my mother. I am originally from another part of Lapland, The Tornio Valley. Lovely places, so they are. What I am left wondering, pondering is this:

1. Was it the white nights during the Polar Day or

2. Was it the endless darkness during the Polar Night that got to him in the end?

According to an article that I read about this man is that he used to make extra cash during the Christmas times dressing as a santa. So, it seems to be in his blood to dress-up in fancy costumes impersonating somebody else while he himself remains in the background. Hmm… I saw a picture in another newspaper that made me think: “Oh, it is your man!” But actually it was the mummy that was found in Peru quite recently. The alikeness of the two is rather astonishing, really.

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PS. Did you know that The Monty Python has their version of the Eurovision Song Contest?

* Explanation to the non-Europeans: This competition is BIG as in HUGE. Over 100 million people watch the Eurovision Song Contest. To win it is BIG. There was also a large media presence there of 2000 journalists doing the coverage worldwide. Compare that to the American Idol that has only 30+ million viewers.