So Near, Yet So Far

So Near, Yet so far ... by you.

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“The plant is so near,
yet so far …” thought Lumi, the Westie .

The plant puzzled me as well,
as to how does it stay put in the currents et al?!

No wonder, that Lumi, the Westie, was wondering, too!

Plant in the water by you.

This is the plant that
Lumi, the Westie,  was trying to reach at.

The Difference between Cats & Dogs

























Tis for now. Riihele xx.

Photos: By the family.

Cats, Dogs & Other Creatures

Poser Pud

I am of the opinion that ‘A House without an Animal is Not a Home.

I think that my reputation as a ‘Cat Whisperer’ is for ever ruined, I said in the last entry I did on my feline friend, Simon de Pud, who is really Becki’s cat but comes to me every now and then; like now. The reason for the loss of fame as a tamer of cats and other beasts is this: All the good food has caused our feline friend to pack a few pounds on him, so he came to me for a Fat Camp last month for as Heli – the younger daughter says:


“As Robert Redford is to horses
in ‘The Horse Whisperer’, mum is to cats!!!”

He went back to his mama and I must say that the Fat Camp had been a roaring success:

How come? Well, the first week of the four that he was with me went grand and dandy as he was missing Becki and didn’t eat that much, but then the following weeks he kind of caught up with what he had missed! I tried to explain to him the procedure of the camp but to no avail – he was having none of it. It isn’t the meals that fatten but tis the snacks. He has such great manners when he wants a snack: he sits nobly by his dish looking at you with the please, thank you and the utter confidence that this trick will work. And it does, every time. I give only a teeny weeny bit, though which do add up to a quite a large feed.

While I was in Ireland in June I saw my Boy – Ciro, the Sheltie who is fourteen-years old now and suffers from a heart murmur, poor thing. ‘Pocket size Lassie,’ Becki, calls him and asks him ‘if he shrank in the wash!’ Ciro just takes it with grace and wagging of the tail; thinking am sure, ‘whatever’! Heli is the official owner of Ciro. While I was growing up we had Sheme, a Lassie that really was a laddie! The Collies and likewise the Shelties are such wise and calm dogs that they are ideal in a household with children of any age and equally great for the elderly.

Suzie Q – the Grand Ol’ Dame of the cat world – is Becki’s cat in Ireland. She is 18-years old and there are absolutely no signs of her becoming demented or any of that sort. Suzie is a mighty mixture of the cat personalities that The Purina, in their online site, describes as The Boss and The Diva. She holds the command in many ways: the goings and comings of hers are totally in her own control, she will NOT be bunged out. Nope – no way Jose! Suzie and I are not close – we respect one another and give a nod when we meet. Becki is her hero.

The Other Creature in this story is the goldfish – whom I named: Buster – and his pals, of course, which Becki received as a present one year in Ireland. I used to say and still say to the girls: Do not take another animal as a pet if you have not the time to look after them. That was when we were all travelling hither and tither in particular. Anyhow, she took these fish and the gear that came with ’em.

I had never realized just how smart such a small creature like a goldfish can be: Buster got his name from the fact that he, too, took to liking his nosh and it showed on him; let us put it that way, instead of saying that he was obese. Every morning when I went downstairs to the kitchen to have me coffee, Buster would be doing his special pirouettes, whirling dances, twirling this way, hurling that way, giving the merry faces to greet me, and at the same time, for sure, making certain that the breakfast was served to him and his mates in the tank. He got to know us in the house so much so that he would do the above mentioned spiel every time he saw one of us, but if anybody he did not know went near his tank, he would go hiding in a jiffy inside one of the toys there. Now that I think of it: Finding Nemo reminded me of Buster and that is why I like that movie so much.

Buster went into a foster care because we all left Ireland and he had a very happy life there for a long while until his death. And death is the hardest part in having pets as they do become such valuable members of the family that when they are gone – it gets so ’empty.’

Tis for now on the Cats, Dogs & Other Creatures. Riihele xx.

The Photo: Simon d Pud by Riihele looking at his puddiest!