Through the looking glass …

Photo: Riihele. All rights reserved

We are not quite there weather-wise,yet,
but every day it is getting closer

that the leaves will burst out
and the blossoms bloom!

How are things with you?

Take good care. Rii :))


Coming or Going …

Our weather does not know whether it is coming or going presently; that is to say if the winter is finally at its end as in the photo underneath

Grass in the Glistening Snow

or if the spring has finally sprung on us and staying?!! Every other day it is winter and then the next day it is spring; and so it goes round and round week after week this year!

Branch of a Tree

© Photos Riihele. All rights reserved

The View from Here

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This view is in one of my favourite cafes in the vicinity. The vista is still rather on the bleak side – waiting for the sun to shine, the leaves to burst out in their summer wear of the fabulous greens of all shades, tones & hues, and the multitude of the varied flowers to bloom in all their splendour!

Tis for now. Riihele xx

What is the View from Your Place right now?

© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.

La Primavera – Spring Photos

La Primavera has arrived in this part of Finland at long last!

Field of Blue Crocus
Field of Blue Crocus

Delicate Branch of Birch Tree
Delicate Birch Branch

Bed of Yellow Crocus
Bed of Yellow Crocus

Birch, Building and Path
Birch, Building and Path

Happy in Blue – Crocus
Happy in Blue - Crocus


Another Shot of the Greenery

Another Shot of the Greenery

Do not think that it is toasting here – for it most certainly is not! Sleet came straight after I had taken these photos. There we are. I was so cold that my teeth were shattering and my fingers were numb, but any slight trouble is worth it for the art. Right?!

Tis for now from the Deep-Chilled Blonde Rii xx.

© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.