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One comes across these funny as in odd, strange, unusual, pieces of news every now and then.This is the now and the here.

First of all to The Fluff bit: Voss Water

Looking good & Luxury in a bottle
Voss is as much about its packaging as what’s inside. Its cylindrical bottle, resembling that of a perfume bottle, has become an instantly recognisable trademark. With a classic cylindrical bottle, Voss artesian water from
Norway is the latest must-have for thirsty diners and revellers at the UK‘s top restaurants, bars and hotels.

“A sip of Voss is like drinking fresh air,” the company claims, and consumers across the UK are loving it. And what great times it is for bottled water these days – according to statistics, sales of bottled water on the British Isles increased by nearly 50% between 2000 and 2004. Last year it rose another 5.3% to 2,170 million litres – that is nearly £1,600 million in retail sales. Over half of adults in the UK are drinking bottled water and sales are forecasted to rise at an annual rate of 6-8% to almost 3,000 million litres by 2010. The outlook for Norwegian artesian water is promising.
(Norway The Official Site)

Voss Water has been on the market since April 2000. Here is an amusing article  in English that was published in July 2005 in Aftenposten – a Norwegian newspaper. (I read it online in Norwegian.) This link is The Water Connoisseur online site. Interesting reading there.

Worldwide sales of bottled water are estimated to be between $50 and $100 billion (US) annually and increasing approximately 7 to 10 percent annually. In 2004, total sales were approximately 154 billion litres (41 billion gallons). [Gleick 2004] The United States is the largest market for bottled water, at 26 billion liters in 2004. On average, this is one 8-ounce glass per person per day. Italy has the highest average consumption per person, at two 8-ounce glasses per person per day. (Wikipedia)

The Hollywood stars like to be seen holding on to their bottles of Voss. I have not seen this water anywhere in the real life – so far that is. — Have You?


Then secondly to The Stuff – Water Resources of The World. Here is The World’s Water online site. 22 March – World Day for Water 2007 –iNFO. (UNESCO project) “22 March of each year was declared World Day for Water, to be observed starting in 1993, in conformity with the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).”

The world’s largest underground deposit of sweet water lies under Iquazu Falls which are located in the area where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet. (This according to the Asia Times 22.11.2005.)

The Planet Earth*

  • Surface Area of the Planet (510,066,000 sq km)
  • Land Area on the Planet (148,647,000 sq km) 
  • 29.1%Ocean Area (335,258,000 sq km) 
  • Total Water Area (361,419,000 sq km)
  • 70.9% Type of Water (97% salt), (3% fresh) 

Planet Earth has a total surface area of close to 197 million square miles. Most of this surface is covered by water. Most of this water is salty or in the form of ice and thus is not directly usable by humans. About 97% of the total water on earth is in the oceans or salt lakes. Another 2% of the total amount is locked up in the form of ice.

It is estimated that at any given time only about 1/3 of 1% of the total water on earth can be used by humans for agriculture or human consumption. (pages.prodigy.net/jhonig..)  

More than five million people die from waterborne diseases each year – 10 times the number killed in wars around the globe. Seventy per cent of the water used worldwide is used for agriculture. BBC online on article, Water scarcity: A looming crisis? Here is a Quiz: World Water crisis.Go on, have a go and see how you will do on it.

Intriguing information methinks. Another rather amusing article I read in a newspaper about a scientifically made testing about some of the bottled waters on the market versa the tap water in Helsinki. Guess which one came on top as the best? Tap water in Helsinki, believe it or not!

Certainly tis true that the water on tap here in Finland is both very tasty and very clean – so far, so good, that is.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

* source: Oceans of The World online

The photo is by Riihele.

Toast + Marmite = ART


I put the words ‘Marmite Art’ in the google and out popped a plethora of possible articles on the same, of which I picked the Beeb one and here is an extract of the same:

Famous faces captured in Marmite

An artist has immortalised a series of famous faces including James Blunt and Jude Law* – using toast and Marmite.

Dermot Flynn‘s work will be displayed at a gallery in London alongside art created by the public using the spread. Marmite are using the exhibition to promote the launch of a new squeezable container for the product, whose advertising slogan in recent years has been “you either love it or you hate it”.

TV adverts from 2005 which featured a giant blob of Marmite drew complaints from parents who said their children had been “terrified” and suffered nightmares.

How does this kind of ART appeal to You?

Tis for now. Rii xx.
* Jude Law’s mugshot in Marmite ART. Do You think it looks like him, eh?!

Marmite iNFO:

  • contains a beer yeast by-product rich in many vitamins
  • including Vitamin B and folic acid
  • made since 1902 in Staffordshire,UK
  • is 100% vegetarian and
  • has virtually no fat
  • soldiers posted abroad in the Second World War were sent gallons of it to keep their strength up.

Blondes Do: Solve Problems


This is a story of a Blonde and the challenges in the life to one who takes the life as it comes and gets on with it as best as she can.  Here is what the Blonde is up against:

Prejudice Against Blondes
by Dennis Meanise Thursday, Apr. 21, 2005 at 10:39 PM

There is a form of racist prejudice in this country that seldom is ever acknowledged—namely prejudicial stereotyping of blonde people (particularly in negative ways). Often it is subtle and other times notso; and yet it seems more pervasive than many people may be willing to believe.
(Miami IndyMedia. Org News)

This is what happened to the Blonde:
It is very late in the afternoon on the last Friday just before the holidays, when one of the co-workers of herself says that ‘her window is not closing properly and would, the Blonde, give the fixer-men a call to come and fix it’.

Blonde rings the men and is told that ‘they are in a totally different part of the town and that it would go to the arm-and-the-leg rate as it is Bank Holiday starting.

Blonde says: ‘Okay, I shall go and see for myself what the matter is?’  And she trots off to the second floor of the building.

When there she inspects the ‘subject’ – thinks for a split-second or two as she can see that neither of them can solve this window without some extra help and says so to the colleague.

Off she goes to see who is still around there, as it has to be a tall man with muscle to be of any help in the dilemma.

Blonde gives a look at the different chaps, then knocks at a room, walks in and says: ‘Any raw strength and power here?’

The man laughs, gets up, saying: ‘It depends.’

Then he walks into the room in question, pulls the window open with this ‘raw strength and power’ and jams it tightly closed again.

Voila! Problem solved.

Blonde to the Damsel-in-trouble: ‘Why did you not ask help from him or any other man earlier on?’ 

‘I did not think of it‘, she says.

‘It would have been my first port of call, had it been me, ‘ says the Blonde, continuing: ‘one just needs to bat the eyelashes a bit, and the help arrives in a jiffy!!’

Blonde’s comment on the matter is this: Sometimes people just get too PC by their PC’s!

Life for The Blonde is a never-ending, but oh-so exciting, learning curve.

Tis for now Rii xx.

Cats, Dogs & Other Creatures

Poser Pud

I am of the opinion that ‘A House without an Animal is Not a Home.

I think that my reputation as a ‘Cat Whisperer’ is for ever ruined, I said in the last entry I did on my feline friend, Simon de Pud, who is really Becki’s cat but comes to me every now and then; like now. The reason for the loss of fame as a tamer of cats and other beasts is this: All the good food has caused our feline friend to pack a few pounds on him, so he came to me for a Fat Camp last month for as Heli – the younger daughter says:


“As Robert Redford is to horses
in ‘The Horse Whisperer’, mum is to cats!!!”

He went back to his mama and I must say that the Fat Camp had been a roaring success:

How come? Well, the first week of the four that he was with me went grand and dandy as he was missing Becki and didn’t eat that much, but then the following weeks he kind of caught up with what he had missed! I tried to explain to him the procedure of the camp but to no avail – he was having none of it. It isn’t the meals that fatten but tis the snacks. He has such great manners when he wants a snack: he sits nobly by his dish looking at you with the please, thank you and the utter confidence that this trick will work. And it does, every time. I give only a teeny weeny bit, though which do add up to a quite a large feed.

While I was in Ireland in June I saw my Boy – Ciro, the Sheltie who is fourteen-years old now and suffers from a heart murmur, poor thing. ‘Pocket size Lassie,’ Becki, calls him and asks him ‘if he shrank in the wash!’ Ciro just takes it with grace and wagging of the tail; thinking am sure, ‘whatever’! Heli is the official owner of Ciro. While I was growing up we had Sheme, a Lassie that really was a laddie! The Collies and likewise the Shelties are such wise and calm dogs that they are ideal in a household with children of any age and equally great for the elderly.

Suzie Q – the Grand Ol’ Dame of the cat world – is Becki’s cat in Ireland. She is 18-years old and there are absolutely no signs of her becoming demented or any of that sort. Suzie is a mighty mixture of the cat personalities that The Purina, in their online site, describes as The Boss and The Diva. She holds the command in many ways: the goings and comings of hers are totally in her own control, she will NOT be bunged out. Nope – no way Jose! Suzie and I are not close – we respect one another and give a nod when we meet. Becki is her hero.

The Other Creature in this story is the goldfish – whom I named: Buster – and his pals, of course, which Becki received as a present one year in Ireland. I used to say and still say to the girls: Do not take another animal as a pet if you have not the time to look after them. That was when we were all travelling hither and tither in particular. Anyhow, she took these fish and the gear that came with ’em.

I had never realized just how smart such a small creature like a goldfish can be: Buster got his name from the fact that he, too, took to liking his nosh and it showed on him; let us put it that way, instead of saying that he was obese. Every morning when I went downstairs to the kitchen to have me coffee, Buster would be doing his special pirouettes, whirling dances, twirling this way, hurling that way, giving the merry faces to greet me, and at the same time, for sure, making certain that the breakfast was served to him and his mates in the tank. He got to know us in the house so much so that he would do the above mentioned spiel every time he saw one of us, but if anybody he did not know went near his tank, he would go hiding in a jiffy inside one of the toys there. Now that I think of it: Finding Nemo reminded me of Buster and that is why I like that movie so much.

Buster went into a foster care because we all left Ireland and he had a very happy life there for a long while until his death. And death is the hardest part in having pets as they do become such valuable members of the family that when they are gone – it gets so ’empty.’

Tis for now on the Cats, Dogs & Other Creatures. Riihele xx.

The Photo: Simon d Pud by Riihele looking at his puddiest!

River View with a Sprinkling of Snow


This is the amount of snow we have at the moment in this part of Finland.

Riihele xx

© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.

Season’s Greetings!

SEASON’S GREETINGS through my photo of the Wreath! Riihele xx.


© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.

My Childhood Lapland Xmas


“KAAMOS” Picture off the net with the makeover by Riihele.

This kind of bluish light does the whole world look like during the ‘daytime’ at Kaamos, The Polar Night, when the sun is asleep for a good few weeks in Lapland. In the mornings and the evenings the blue colours go into fabulous pinks, violets and purples. Absolutely stunning, so tis. Here are some links to photos, ecards and videos.

I have written before that I hail from Lapland right at the Swedish border where the Arctic Circle is. The area is called The Tornio Valley and here in this entry I am talking about My Childhood Memories of Lapland and here about the Clan Gathering we had in the village we come from in 2004.

The landscape in the Tornio Valley features varied countryside of both mountainous and flat landscapes. Tornio and Haparanda are situated on the coastal plain by the Gulf of Bothnia. Further north, from Övertorneå and the northern part of Ylitornio Municipality, the mountains become more prominent. The Arctic Circle is at the latitude of 66.55° N. It goes right through the villages of Ylitornio, on the Finnish side of the river, and Övertorneå, on the Swedish side. This latitude also marks the southernmost parallel at which one can experience the Polar Day, another name is the Midnight Sun and Polar Night, which is also called – Kaamos in the Saami language.

The Polar Day culminates on June 21, when the sun remains above the horizon for 24 hours – and it is light all day. On Aavasaksa mountain – situated on the Finnish side of the river in Ylitornio – one can admire The Midnight Sun between the 15.6-7.7. The Polar Night begins on September 23, at the autumnal equinox, which culminates on December 21, when the sun does not rise above the horizon for 24 hours – and it is dark all day. Talk about the TWILIGHT ZONE. During the Kaamos – the dark period – everything is in these fabulous shades of blues, pinks and lilacs. It is terribly picturesque altogether. I am quite certain, that you would have seen photographs of Lapland in these gorgeously soft pastel colours, even though it did not cross your mind at all, that they were taken during the Kaamos.

The first snow in my childhood used to come in September, so by the time the festive season arrived we had the cold, dark and snow for so long that it felt like ‘no big deal’! One sure sign that the xmastime was knocking at the door ready to arrive, were the reindeer that came to the valley down from the mountains to get food under the piles of snow.

These days Lapland is making a mint on the whole santa-business for the tourists flock there from all the corners of the world during the short and sharp festive period! Here is a link to what I mean.

We moved away from Lapland to the Southern Finland just a few days before the holidays; I must say that, that very xmas stands in my memory as the most miserable ever in my life!
When I am thinking back at my life in Lapland, it is these blues of light and the pinks, purples and lilacs that are so deeply imprinted into very core of my soul as you can well see with the shades of colours that I do keep this blog, that they are still there as vibrant as ever!

Tis for now Riihele xx.