FINN HUMOUR: Optician’s Chart

Optician's chart

The joke about the Finno-Ugric languages is this that:

“We do not only read the chart at the optician’s,
but we can (correctly) pronounce it as well!!”


Finnish language belongs to a family of languages, the Finno-Ugric Group of languages with Estonian, Hungarian and a few others; whereas Swedish, English, Russian et cetera belong to the Indo-European Languages, and it is, also, one of the few official languages in Europe that does not belong to the latter. Swedish and Finnish both have the ‘funny’ letters – ä, ö, å, Ä, Ö, Å – but we in Finnish do not sing with a lilt, like the Swedes do when we speak, but we do it solemnly!! Meaning: Finnish is not a so-called ’tonal language’.

Now, with my name, RIIHELE, [ree-hele] the accent is on the [-he] – which is my WordPress name, is a combination of my two first names, and this, Riihele, can be divided into two parts: rii ~ the two ‘i’ are pronounced like ‘me’ and hele ~ both the letter ‘e’ are pronounced like the first ‘e’ in Heather.

Still in the wagon or did you, by any chance, drop off at some point?
As you know rather well that I am very fond of quizzes so here comes to you the one on Finnish language quizz in the link – not for the faint-hearted, mind you, but do have a go!

It is a fact worth considering that the English speaking nations have a huge financial advance over the other languages for as the report, entitled ‘As you Like It’, estimates that the economic advantage to Britain of speaking the world’s most common language is worth £14.5 billion a year. (The online). That is an awful lot of dosh – in any language!

Tis for now. Riihele xx