Incidents & Such Like: Lunch


This Incident took place in a bus in Ireland a good few years ago where a whole lot of passengers were each minding their own business when suddenly a little clear voice pipes out above all the other discussions and whatnot:

“Mum, why did you pour our lunch over our heads?”

There is an absolute silence as all the other things have come to a complete halt while we are holding our breaths waiting to hear the ‘why’.

The mother takes her time in answering and finally she says totally calm and collected:

“You pushed me to it.”


The boys say nothing, neither does anyone else and the activities continue as before.

I took a second look at this poor harassed mother with her two lively sons and felt deep sympathy for her.

I kept seeing this mother and her two sons in different places; on the street or in the shops over the years as they lived in the same town. She always looked as worn-out as ever while the sons look as innocent as ever.

The very last time that I spotted them, the sons were grown-up, and were very nice looking boys indeed. I felt like asking them about the incident, but as I had never talked to them before, I came to the conclusion that this incident of the ‘lunch-poured-over-the-heads’ was to remain undissolved, unknown and unmentioned.

What I wanted to know was:

    • What exactly happened?
    • What made her finally lose her cool?
    • What was the aftermath?
    • Who tidied up?
    • What was the lunch?

As a mother one can come to the edge at times to do precisely the very thing this mother actually did; just want to know what was the final push…

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

PS. The picture is off the net.

Jerusalem – Living History

Courtyard in the Old City

“Ten measures of beauty descended to the world, nine were taken by Jerusalem.”
(Talmud: Kiddushin 49b)

The buildings in Jerusalem are built of a special stone called the Jerusalem Stone which at dusk and at dawn glistens like gold in the rising or the setting sun making it all, as in everything,  look stunningly beautiful. I have written in my earlier entries on Jerusalem about ‘Eating Out‘, ‘Life & Living‘ and ‘City of Gold‘ also on Israel itself in this entry. The Jaffa Gate became my ‘home’ gate into and out of the Old City Here is a collection of maps of the 1860’s by Charles Wilson and by others, also models by Conrad Schick  – he was a very famous architect – and others.

The incidents of the ‘Camels’ and the ‘Baileys’ and so did ‘Hi Handsome!‘ – all these happened at this time while in there! Also, the absolutely, fabulously, gorgeous treatments fit for Cleopatra and The Queen Esther that I wrote to you about in The Dead Sea Spa and in the ‘Alien Corn in an Alien Land ‘entries a couple moths ago took place during these years. I went again there – I had been in Israel in the 70’s – in 2002 when the terrorist attacks were at their most frequent and something like 100-200+ attempts were daily in just Jerusalem. In this neighbourhood there was the police station for the old city as well; actually, right next door on the other side. Any time we heard the sirens go of more than two-three police cars we knew what the story was. Anyway, we could feel the bombs as the whole city felt like it went into a spasm. There was a mosque right besides as well, and the rantings would go vile every time an attack would be coming and it became a sure sign of that what was to be…

Talk about living at the knife’s edge! The place where I lived and worked was in the complex that is today’s photograph of the courtyard in the Old City right at the Jaffa Gate that I mentioned earlier on in this entry. I worked there as a volunteer guide – though the job involved a multitude* of other related and non-related aspects to it – and lived for quite a while in this place. People from all the corners of the world would come over and we – I was the only female among the six** other ones there who would give guided tours explaining the history of the land, of Jerusalem and of the premises in various languages. This very job is The One where all of me: languages, love of history and the current affairs, personality, skills and know-how just came together in a wonderful mix thriving to the hilt! I absolutely loved it.

Do you spot the broken pillars in front of the building in the picture taken by me? They are 2000+ years old as they date from the time of Herod the Great whose palace was gigantic and covered the area of this complex where I lived. It was fascinating to think and ponder that here Herod and all his doings of that era had taken place. Of course, the history goes much further to King David and beyond as he captured the ‘city’ – that was not that large in size at the time.  The complex where I was is also situated opposite The Citadel, known as well as the Tower of David, even though it has nothing to do with King David at all. The Tower’s base – that is in nearly always the very first thing of the scenes of Jerusalem that the people in other countries recognize of Jerusalem – is one of the towers that the Romans left of the building that was the Palace of the King Herod when they utterly  flattened out the whole city in 70 CE.

Tis for now, yet again.  Riihele xx.

* As an example, the boss, an Australian, would suddenly ‘throw’ in the midst of some other urgent things: How is your German? I, thinking that it’d be something simple, answer him, ‘Okay’ and then he comes with a book from the 1860’s and wants to get the exact translation  of a particular passage into English on the very complex legal text!
‘Vielen Dank’, says me and tucks into work.  No dictionary at first in hand but found later – phew – asking him ‘when’ does he need the translation, the boss, ‘ tonight as I am lecturing to the  Germans about the history of a certain place the text is relating to et cetera.’

** We were an international blend of many nationalities in the complex and in the museum part, in particular. Most of the other guides had or were studying history in the university in Jerusalem  and also had done the very complicated tour guide exams. When I started to help them out, I asked where are the tools to the trade – material, books, notes as in all that is needed to get into the brains in order to give it further in the guiding – I had to learn massive amounts in the shortest possible time span! IT WAS GREAT FUN but immensely challenging. Really.

Laughter is Medicine


Laughter is by definition healthy,” said Doris Lessing, a British author born in Persia.

I came across an old article on the medicinal benefits of laughter. ” Laughter, along with an active sense of humor, may help protect you against a heart attack, according to a recent study. ” I am quoting the University of Maryland School of Medicine site in here and it continues: ” It improves circulation. When you laugh heartily, every organ is being massaged including your heart, lungs and digestive system. Headaches can just go away. When you laugh the endorphins released make you feel this elation. It makes those big decisions seem so much less important.”

The article I have is entitled: “Go On, Laugh Your Heart Out” by Nicholas Bakalar which was published in The New York Times on March 8, 2005. I found it so interesting that I printed it out and had it tucked away safely for a further reference. So twas good forward planning as I was going through my stuff today, I found it there and want to share it on my blog with the others. I am going to use some other sources as well to get a fuller picture on the topic. BBC Radio 4 has a very interesting show called the “Woman’s Hour” and there was a couple of years ago a programme on laughter, too.

I am quoting the NYTimes article as follows:

“Laughter may be good for your heart. A new study demonstrates that laughing causes the tissues that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, the endothelium, to expand and thereby increase blood flow – exactly what aerobic exercise does.”

That sounds amazing! Then I found this site on the net: University of Maryland School of Medicine on which the above mentioned article of the NYTimes is based upon. The Maryland site has this interesting survey for one to fill in to find out how one is doing as regards to the humour, laughter & health. Here is just a nugget of the study:

The endothelium has a powerful effect on blood vessel tone and regulates blood flow, adjusts coagulation and blood thickening, and secretes chemicals and other substances in response to wounds, infections or irritation. It also plays an important role in the development of cardiovascular disease.”

One thing that I do find such a laugh is that these days people would need to be taught how to laugh through the Laughter Therapy! Absolutely mind-boggling to me, so it is. Why? Well, I tell you – I have never forgotten ‘how to’ have a belly-aching laughter at least once a day for the and because of the goings-on of ma life! I for sure, do not have to watch comedy on the Box for entertainment as I have it right where I am. The heartest laughs are reserved for me own blond-moments, actually.

DO NOT FORGET to laugh Me Dearest Fellow Bloggers! Riihele xx

Behind Every Man…


“Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife.”


Groucho Marx quotes

Behind every successful man there is supposed to be a woman. I am certain that you are familiar with this saying. And sure enough, have a think about this handy list of the same:


  • Muse for the poet/artist
  • Mistress for the politician/dictator
  • Moll for the criminal/mafioso
  • Mrs for the average Joe Blogg
  • Mother for the Everyman.

Need I add more to that – if you can think of any more let me know, please. I think the one or two common factors of the first three are the facts that the women of their inspiration need to be looking good at all times and to have the patience to tolerate an ignoramus – he may be or may not be a poet or an artist less so. Picasso, Dali, Ted Hughes. Hmmm…

I like to read all kinds of books and particularly about women and men of interest worldover. Not so long ago I read this book by Tehmina Durrani called, “My Feudal Lord“, a terrific book that makes one think and ponder deeply and hard about the motives and ways of life. I could hardly put it down as I read it, so taken was I by it. I do follow this writer’s life and her recovery of the ordeal these days.

Tis for now and do keep reading as well as blogging. Riihele xx

The picture has absolutely nothing to do with the subject but I like it for it is one of my own photos taken in Ireland last summer.

Do You Speaka the Language?


That is the question, but to answer it, it is not so simple. My words are different to your words and that is why the mix-ups and misunderstandings often happen. The most commonly spoken language one would think is the Mandarin Chinese but it is not, would you believe, as this article where I read about this stated that ‘the most common language is badly spoken English‘! Apparently, the total number of English speakers in the world is about 1,4 billion, and the native speakers of this figure are about three to four hundered million in all. I remember myself while learning English in Finland that good old saying:

‘English is spoken all over the world.’

I read these hilarious and belly-achingly funny signs in English that had been placed in the hotels and shops in various countries.The thing with these signs and notices is that what the people meant to say and what actually was expressed were miles apart. I spent one evening trying to figure out how the wording should be to come across as the correct message correctly delivered. I will write down some of my suggestions which I will give after the hiccups. The European Union has this article called Fight the FOG – Translation Service guidelines. Here are some examples of the aforementioned signs and notices that I got from the EU and other sources:

‘Guard dogs operating.’ – USA

‘Fur coats made for ladies from their own skin.’ – Swedish furrier’s

‘Don’t go to another shop to be cheated – come in here.’ – USA

‘GO AWAY!’ – Travel agency in Barcelona

‘When two trains approach each other at a crossing, they shall both stop and neither shall start up until the other has gone.’ – Law in Kansas

‘After one visit we quarantee you will be regular’.* – Indian restaurant sign

‘Not to preambulate the corridors in the hours of repose in the boots of ascension.’ – Austrian ski hotel**

‘Closing down, thanks to all our customers’ – Notice at a factory

What the Swedish sign wished to state was that ‘We make fur coats for ladies from the pelts provided by the customers.’ The guard dogs operating in a hospital would mean that the dogs did the operations and not the doctors! Funny. But what was supposed to have been said is this, I think, ‘Guard dogs are patrolling in the area’. The travel agency sign in Barcelona is really saying to the customers to scram! Not a very service-oriented attitude of a company if one’s thinking would be this! ‘Get away‘ is what they had in mind, I should think.

English is really my third language after Finnish and Swedish and I have spoken it for decades as my first language while living abroad. I have lived more away than in Finland. I think in many languages depending on who I am thinking of, and I have also dreamt in nine languages! I don’t translate the languages in my head in what I hear, neither in what I want to say but just let it flow. Most of the time it works fine but then there are the exceptions that are absolutely hysterical and side-splittingly funny. HA HA!! Stuff big way.You just gotta laugh at yourself.


Tis for now. Riihele xx.

* The article that would have made the sentence to what was aimed at is ‘a’ – to become a regular (customer) in their restaurant. To be regular is totally different thing as it means that you are not constipated. This very one gave me the best merriment of them all.

* * This one about the Austrian ski hotel really made ma brains work overtime in thinking what is the message that was supposed to have been delivered. Then as I was pondering and wondering it hit me, this is it! And this what I think it is: ‘Do not roam around the corridors in the skiing boots during the quiet night hours.’

The very last line of the hiccups about the ‘closing down-notice’ – what comes to me head is that they wanted to announce the closing down and thank their customers, not to blame them as this sign really indicated! So my suggestion is this: ‘Closing down. Thank you to all our valued customers for your support over the years.’ Or something like it. I find the trains in Kansas such a toughie one if there ever was one…

What are Your ideas to get the true, intended messages across?

Incidents and Such Like ~ Train


The hard thing about travelling by train in some countries is the fact that the stops are not announced beforehand, in advance, but one has to figure them out by oneself. We were happily chugging along in this train between Edinburgh and Glasgow when we in our intensive nattering forgot all about keeping track of the stations and their names. Then we were in a station and just about to move along when we suddenly discovered that this particular station was our one to get off the train where somebody had come to collect us. It was also getting late and soon it would be dark.

Oy vey! What to do? There was only a couple of seconds for quick thinking and then I said to her:

“Let’s jump off the train! We are in the last carriage we can do it!
We will just chuck off the bags and then jump ourselves!”

So we did to the utter amazement of the rest of the people in the carrriage. The train was getting on in speed and there was not a second to waste.

First went all our luggage to the side of the track and then ourselves with no harm to either of us.

So far so good.

Then, we heard as we were clambering up the side of the track to the road on the top, this fiercely angry Scottish voice booming loudly over the whole station area:




Well that was us, of course.

We are not going there!‘, was our joint decision.

The angry voice got absolutely hopping mad and continued with the same words over and over again.The train had stopped. To our good luck nobody was looking up at the road where we were walking along, as we had to make our way back to the station to meet this person collecting us. He was more astonished than we in our bumping into him OUTSIDE the station than what we were, I must say!

He said:

“What are you doing out here? I thought that I would meet you inside the station.”

We just pointed out to him that livid voice ringing in the area still calling us to go the stationmaster that it is us that had jumped off the train and that we were not going to go to see anybody! He had a good chuckle about the incident and told us to hurry into his car and that we better head off the area double quick!!

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

The PS.
of this incident was that we had to get tickets to go on to Liverpool to meet the gang and ‘how to’ was the dilemma in this poky little station where everybody knew everybody?!

The chap that did the chauffering for us told us ‘to keep very low profile’ and that he would go the station to buy the tickets and hand them over to us.
And so he did. We were only too glad to see the back of that place and head off to other adventures!

Fluff & Stuff ~ Blue Cheese


It is not that I don’t like the blue cheese – because I do very much, indeed – but to wear it on oneself; well, that is where it goes beyond me. Chicken filled with Blue Cheese is such a fabulously yummy combination. So is Fish in Blue Cheese Sauce. Yes, but these are so not what I found when was reading one of my daily online newspapers. This is what I read one morning on the Daily Telegraph online and I quote:


The makers of Stilton cheese have launched their own perfume.

Eau de Stilton claims to “recreate the earthy and fruity aroma”

of the pungent blue cheese “in an eminently wearable perfume”.

The perfume, blended by a Manchester-based aromatics company,
features a “symphony of natural base notes including yarrow,
angelica seed, clary sage and valerian.

This is what the Stilton Cheese Company had to say about their latest product. Well, what do you know! Cat Deeley will be smiling more broadly than the Cheshire Cat after that sweet smelling perfume deal, I say, I say. The CC is in the story of Alice in Wonderland.

“Please, would you tell me,” said Alice, a little timidly, …
“why your cat grins like that?”
“It’s a Cheshire cat,” said the Duchess,
“and that’s why.”

Personally, I prefer my blue cheese-symphony in the company of its ‘pals’ – read: on a cheese platter with fruit, crackers and a glass of quality white wine like the South African Chenin Blancs available in most wine shops. Here are some recipes from the Stilton Cheese Company.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

Room With A View ~ My Favourite Photos


This is a photo that I took in Powerscourt, Ireland looking inside
the house out to the gardens.

Ireland is very much a beloved home to me as it is the country where I have lived the longest time in my life. I have four most important home countries: Finland, Sweden, Ireland and Israel which all are very close and dear to ma heart and to ma soul. They have always been, and always will. I visited Ireland last summer in June for a few weeks and here is the Picture Book of My Travelogues to Dublin and a touristy thing on a Travelogue to Dublin that I did in July with all kinds of ideas for interesting places for visiting, eating out and so on.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.

Les Animaux – Simon de Pud


“Here, I am” says Simon de Pud “ready to roll!”. He has a way of saying a whole lot of his thoughts, opinions, complaints and expressing a wide range of emotions like: gladness, fear, pleasure, all without a single word*. It is such an amazing thing that, actually the words are not needed at all in order to get the message; once one is tuned in. Just note the peeved and what-is-she-doing-now look on that suffering face!

He is in my TLC-care for the moment, although, he is Becki’s little Dahlin Puss. Simon has the sassiness of Garfield, the suddenness (of his attacks) of Cato, the side-kick of the Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther and the moves of Kramer in the Seinfield. Quite a heady mix – you think. Yep, that is ‘im.

His favourite menu is the following:

  • lasagne
  • green or black olives
  • pasta
  • risotto
  • tinned cat food
  • dried cat food

For a cat born and bred – read: fed – in Finland that sort menu is very Mediterranean like. Yet the puddy is from a small place in central Finland. Where the exotic taste buds come from is a puzzle to us? How we discovered his special food fads was, when we were ourselves munching the above-mentioned delicacies – par the cat foods, for sure – and our feline friend went nigh hysterical – Gimme, Gimme!! So he tasted and ever since then it is ‘sharing & caring’ on Simon’s part when something he likes is eaten by anybody in his sight. We do have ourselves very international tastes in food. It could be – can’t beat them, join them thing.

I have come to understand that the FELINES HAVE FEELINGS – indeed, very sensitive feelings. Simon is of the cats we have had the one that I know the best. That is why I am practicing to be an animal shrink on top all the other skills I have.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

* Of course, the cats have a huge range of various types of meows as well that they use with a masterly expertise of a virtuoso. Back to the Italian opera, hey. Maybe, that is why he is so good at this expressing his feelings et cetera.

The picture above was an actual photograph that I gave a bit of a makeover to make it look like this.

Now, Somebody’s tummy-bell is ringing loud and clear – ding, dong, it is feeding time in the zoo!! No, not the olives or the other Med food – tho it’s a very healthy and in-fashion diet. It is the old reliable Latz for Catz.

Incidents and Such Like – Camels


You know that when a woman gets of a certain age – huh? – well, anything over the age of 21 – she very much appreciates being complemented on her being. I was on a quick tour of Israel there a few years ago, the year before I filled ‘even numbers’ that this incident took place. I went/lived there in the years when the Intifada was at its worst and the most dangerous.

Anyway, this is what happened:

It was hot in the extreme and I had drank gallons and as we were returning back to the Old City of Jerusalem to the hotel where we were staying when just outside the Jaffa Gate came this most insistent ‘tour guide’ -wanna be starting to offer his expertise in taking us – against a hefty pay, though that wasn’t mentioned – for a tour around the streets of the city.

The man kept on and on yakking and doing his spiel not listening at all to the polite but firm

‘No, Thank You’.

So I went right to his face and said in English with glaring eyes and through the gritted teeth :

“Which part of the ‘no’ do you not understand?”

Then I just turned around on my heels and went off to do a dash of a hundred yard sprint into our hotel already in view.

My friend, Joan, was there with the man still standing as I left .

There I am doing the record breaking run when I hear from behind me the two of them roaring laughing – thinking, so I am – such ‘bitches’.

Then a few minutes later Joan barges into the coffee shop of the hotel and says:

“Guess, what he said?”

“Beats me”, I said. Thinking it would be something really mean and horrid.

“He said:

“Wow, I would give a million camels for her as she is in such a good condition!!”

I thought that it sounded really great, but as I am not accustomed to equating money and value with camels, I asked one of my local Arabic friends what could it possibly mean.

Andre was shaking his head in amazement and saying –

‘If you have one camel, you are very rich.’

So easy maths: one camel x 1M camels. Hmm.. . It does sound a lot.

I was so very pleased, needless to say.

The last thing after all this was that she asked me: “Why did you leave?”
So I explained to her and she understood, still roaring laughing at the man’s comment.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

I told one of my Jewish friends what this man had ‘offered’ for me hand and his answer was:

” I will give for you one million and One camels!”

My own thinking is this that if I had sweetly smiled at him with no gritted teeth and no clicked heels that his offer would have been at least 2 million camels!!
=)My Cheeky Grin