Incidents & Such Like: NUTS

Incident time again as I am reminded of these incidents that have happened to me or around me and of which I do have a vast collection.

The flights to Helsinki from Dublin used be an all-day affair because at that time there were no direct flights so we either went from Dublin via London or Amsterdam on the first plane. Then we had to take another flight to Copenhagen and/or Stockholm* and yet another as in a third/fourth flight on to Helsinki. Also, many a time we would take a fourth/fifth flight straight away to Oulu which is a town in Northern Finland as well.

So it was very handy to see half the Europe in one foul swoop! Then on the way back the same procedure. It required huge amounts of stamina and a happy disposition to be able to stick all these flights and the delays and whatnot.

This incident happened at the Copenhagen airport – so it was our 4th flight to board that day one after the other. The girls and I were waiting at the gate for our flight from Copenhagen to Dublin when I was sitting a bit further away from the girls as there were no free seats near them being totally engrossed in my own thoughts – wrecked so I was
– when Heli suddenly says to me:

“Look Mum, we got Bon-Bons** with nuts from this nice girl!”

“That’s great as you are so nutty yourselves,” says I.

“Oh, don’t say that Mum or I will crack up! ” – says Heli, six-years-old at the time.

It took just a second or two ’til Becki, Heli and I realized the joke in what had been said and we were having a very merry moment laughing when the girl who gave the sweets suddenly bursts into her own merriment when it went ‘Eureka!’ for her, too!

Never a dull moment in me life. Tis for now. Riihele xx.

* A lot of the times we did: Dublin-London-Copenhagen-Stockholm-Helsinki, that is: four flights in one go. Then the same thing vice versa back home to Ireland.

** Bon-Bon is a candy that often has a center of fondant, fruit, or nuts and is coated with chocolate or fondant. (The Free Dictionary)
Picture is off the net.

The girls used to thrive travelling – still do – and thought that it was so cool to get all these toys and games that the airlines gave to the youngsters to keep them occupied during the flights. You can see by the sheer number of the flights just how many they would get – a set of games & toys per each flight multiplied by the times we boarded a plane! Bagfuls of them; so much so that they would donate to their friends and cousins on either end.

FINN HUMOUR: Optician’s Chart

Optician's chart

The joke about the Finno-Ugric languages is this that:

“We do not only read the chart at the optician’s,
but we can (correctly) pronounce it as well!!”


Finnish language belongs to a family of languages, the Finno-Ugric Group of languages with Estonian, Hungarian and a few others; whereas Swedish, English, Russian et cetera belong to the Indo-European Languages, and it is, also, one of the few official languages in Europe that does not belong to the latter. Swedish and Finnish both have the ‘funny’ letters – ä, ö, å, Ä, Ö, Å – but we in Finnish do not sing with a lilt, like the Swedes do when we speak, but we do it solemnly!! Meaning: Finnish is not a so-called ’tonal language’.

Now, with my name, RIIHELE, [ree-hele] the accent is on the [-he] – which is my WordPress name, is a combination of my two first names, and this, Riihele, can be divided into two parts: rii ~ the two ‘i’ are pronounced like ‘me’ and hele ~ both the letter ‘e’ are pronounced like the first ‘e’ in Heather.

Still in the wagon or did you, by any chance, drop off at some point?
As you know rather well that I am very fond of quizzes so here comes to you the one on Finnish language quizz in the link – not for the faint-hearted, mind you, but do have a go!

It is a fact worth considering that the English speaking nations have a huge financial advance over the other languages for as the report, entitled ‘As you Like It’, estimates that the economic advantage to Britain of speaking the world’s most common language is worth £14.5 billion a year. (The online). That is an awful lot of dosh – in any language!

Tis for now. Riihele xx