The Bags …

“The bags
my eyes

Louis Vuitton!”

I saw this joke online somewhere and liked it very much indeed.
The picture is taken from online as well.

Keep ye so grand and safe.


Bags are not a luxury under one’s eyes per se but the ones one has are a not just any ol’ bags, but the best of the best, you see, you see!! :)))


‘Funny Pictures’ …

I saw this picture at Aneta’s blog on Y360 months ago and took note of it for it caused me to ponder, wonder and I left this comment on the same:

Looking at that gob with the tags in it makes one wonder:

‘How does the poor thing manage to eat at all, at all?!!’

Maybe tearing the chunks of raw meat would be just the ticket,
or only plain liquids poured down past the metal work in there!!

Not to mention: Airport security could be very noisy for ‘im, i say!!

How could one kiss somebody like that and not be shred to pieces in the process?!!
Very romantic. NOT.

Puzzled so am I…

What springs to your mind?

Keep so grand. Rii xx

James Bond of the Cat World: Simon D Pud

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
(Leonardo da Vinci)

This ‘James Bond of Cats’ with an attitude that is cattitude
and who does impersonate ‘Kramer’ to the T by his sudden barges and skidding;
also does ‘Cato’ with his sudden surprise attacks making me scream
– every time – but making him is so pleased that he chuckles to himself, let me tell you!!

“Meow is like aloha – it can mean anything.” (Hank Ketchum)

His likeness to Garfield comes for the looks & his love for the nosh and Italian in particular – yes, including Lasagna; unfortunately he is not allowed to eat that anymore by the vet!

BUT I think that all this comes from his first foster mama, Heli, and then from his owner, Becki and I am just forced – HEHE – to mop up the bits & pieces of his cattitude. That is me theory and I am sticking with it, anyway.

Me alter ego with cattitude and moi say:

Rii xx –– and Simon lifts his paw in gratitude.


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What is a cat’s favourite song? Three Blind Mice

What is a cat’s way of keeping law & order? Claw Enforcement

What is a cat’s favourite colour? Purrrrrrr-ple! (mine too)

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a cat? A big furry creature that purrs while it sits on your lap and squashes you.

How does the cat get its own way? With friendly purr-suasion.

Cats purr to communicate.

A cat cannot see directly under its nose. This is why the cat cannot seem to find tidbits on the floor.

Cats have AB blood groups just like people.

If your cat hides and then runs out and pounces on you, she is acting out her instinctive hunting ritual (Simon does that!)

In relation to body size, a cat’s eyes are bigger than most mammals.


This week’s theme on




This luxury pair of gloves for the discerning housewives fits the bill spot-on, methinks! The hands belong to my Baby Daughter, by the way. GO GIRL!!

This very chic Chick doing the dishes and the clearing up is my Little Baby Girl. I say, one must dress up properly with one’s pearls, rings, and fur to do even the most menial of tasks, as one must not let the standards ever to drop. Becki – my Big Girl took the picture.

Isn’t it just hilarious to that these kind of posh washing-up gloves were made or even thought of?!! I like them. Well done, Heli. Keep it up!

HELINKTSET.jpg picture by Riihele

Rii xx

© Photo: All rights reserved

Festival of Secret Crushes/Loves…

He was born Pierce Brendan Brosnan on the 16th of May, 1953, in Navan, County Meath. Popularly known as An Uaimh, it’s about 30 miles north-west of Dublin, just inland from Drogheda. His father, Thomas, was a carpenter who left mother, May before Pierce was a year old. Needing a career to support her son, May travelled to London to train as a nurse, leaving young Pierce with her parents. Sadly, when he was 6, both grandparents died, so he was moved on to stay with relatives. He recalls spending lots of time in his aunt’s pub, feeling lonely and abandoned. “But maybe that’s where the acting comes from”, he says “from spending so much time alone with your thoughts”.

Pierce was enrolled at Elliott Comprehensive, and here it was rough.Though six feet tall by the age of 11, he was still bullied for being Irish – Irish was, in fact, his nickname. Painfully aware of his difference, he schooled himself in the London accent, becoming more of a Cockney than a Navan country-boy. Having to study his peers, copy their movements and voices, would stand him in good stead later.

YUP, I am talking about him! The video is an ad he did and it short, sharp and shows his good looks too so swell. Some more recent background on Pierce Brosnan:

He is an Irish actor and producer best known for portraying James Bond in four films from 1995 to 2002: GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Since leaving the role, Brosnan has gone on to star in films such as Evelyn and Seraphim Falls. In 1996, he also formed, along with Beau St. Clair, a Los Angeles-based production company named Irish DreamTime. His current projects include Butterfly on a Wheel, Mamma Mia! and The Thomas Crown Affair 2.

On September 23, 2004, Brosnan became a naturalized citizen of the United States, but he has retained his Irish citizenship. Brosnan has said that “my Irishness is in everything I do. It’s the spirit of who I am, as a man, an actor, a father. It’s where I come from.” (Wikipedia)

Brosnan was asked by a fan if it annoyed him when people get his nationality confused. He said: “It amuses me in some respects that they should confuse me with an Englishman when I’m dyed-in-the-wool, born and bred Irishman…I don’t necessarily fly under any flag. But no, it doesn’t bother me.”

Brosnan also raises money for charitable causes through sales of his paintings. He trained early on as an artist, but later shifted to theatre; during his first wife’s terminal illness, he withdrew from acting to be with her and took up painting again for therapeutic reasons, producing colorful landscapes and family portraits. He has continued painting since then, using spare time on set and at home. Profits from sales of giclée prints of his works are given to a trust to benefit “environmental, children’s and women’s health charities.” Here is the link to the online Gallery of his paintings.


This was my entry on Wednesday – part of the Festival of Secret Loves/Crushes @ Vinod’s great page! There are some excellent posts on the subject, so do have a lookie!

DO JOIN US with Your tale of crushes/loves kept secret up to now…

Dishy or what? lol – Riihele xx

PIC of The Day of PIERCE!!


Pierce Brosnan official site
You Tube

GRAY’S Anatomy or GREY’S Anatomy

Gray's Anatomy

is a medical book first published in 1858,
the 20th edition of the same

was published in 1918.

The edition of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body features 1,247 vibrant engravings—many in color—from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries ranging from the Antrum of Highmore to the Zonule of Zinn.

The English anatomist Henry Gray was born in 1827. He studied the development of the endocrine glands and spleen and in 1853 was appointed Lecturer on Anatomy at St. George’s Hospital Medical School in London. In 1855 he approached his colleague Dr Henry Vandyke Carter with his idea to produce an anatomy text book for medical students. His death came just 3 years after the publication of his Anatomy Descriptive and Surgical.

Henry Gray (1827–1861) was an English anatomist and surgeon and also elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) at the young age of 25. In 1858 Gray published the first edition of his Anatomy, which covered 750 pages and contained 363 figures. He had the good fortune of securing the help of his friend Dr. H V Vandyke Carter, a skilled draughtsman and formerly a demonstrator of anatomy at St. George’s Hospital. Carter made the drawings from which the engravings were executed, and the success of the book was, in the first instance, undoubtedly due in no small measure to the excellence of its illustrations. This edition was dictated to Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, Bart, FRS, DCL. A second edition was prepared by Gray and published in 1860.

He held successively the posts of demonstrator of Anatomy, curator of the museum, and Lecturer of Anatomy at St. George’s Hospital, and was in 1861 a candidate for the post of assistant surgeon. Unfortunately, he was struck down by an attack of confluent smallpox, which he contracted while looking after a nephew who was suffering from that disease and died at the early age of thirty-four. (Wikipedia)

Gray’s Anatomy has been an international bestseller for 100 years; its appeal is not only to physicians and students, but to artists and the medically curious. As the new Introduction by Dr. Crocco states: “Every living physician today has been exposed to Gray’s Anatomy and nearly everyone has used it. It was Gray’s Anatomy that occupied most of the embryonic physician’s waking hours, whether at home or at the side of his cadaver. “There have been many imitations, but few real competitors. There have been dissection manuals and pictorial atlases brilliantly illustrated with exquisite photographs. There have been synopses of anatomy and there have been monographs on various regions of the body. However, there is only one Gray’s Anatomy. (Random House Publishers)


will be on its fourth season this autumn. Season one began airing March 27, 2005 and ended on May 22, 2005. The first season was shortened by the network to nine episodes instead of 14. (The original season finale was “Bring the Pain.”)

Meredith Grey, daughter of the once-renowned surgeon Ellis Grey, becomes an intern at the Seattle Grace Hospital. She meets fellow interns Cristina Yang, Isobel “Izzie” Stevens, and George O’Malley who will be her closest friends during the intern program. Other characters include Dr. Miranda Bailey, who is nicknamed “The Nazi” due to her “tough love” capability; Alex Karev, another intern who is not very popular with the other interns (especially Izzie); and renowned surgeons Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Preston Burke.

The chief of surgery is Richard Webber, who was once more than close friends with Meredith’s mother. The season chronicles the first few months of the intern program and the day-to-day life of a surgical intern. Recurring plots include Meredith’s battle to keep her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease a secret and her relationship with Dr. Shepherd. Others include George’s infatuation with Meredith and a power struggle between Dr. Burke and Dr. Shepherd in the hospital. The season’s end introduces Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, Derek’s estranged wife. – Yes, occasionally, I do watch this series, though, I prefer ER of ‘medical series’ on television. (Wikipedia)

Nu, which one are You for, Gray’s Anatomy or Grey’s Anatomy?

Tis for now. Rii xx


I have a friend whose friend is a biology professor. Her students think Gray’s Anatomy is a book of scripts for Grey’s Anatomy!! Bright bunch, eh?

Fluff & Stuff ~ Blue Cheese


It is not that I don’t like the blue cheese – because I do very much, indeed – but to wear it on oneself; well, that is where it goes beyond me. Chicken filled with Blue Cheese is such a fabulously yummy combination. So is Fish in Blue Cheese Sauce. Yes, but these are so not what I found when was reading one of my daily online newspapers. This is what I read one morning on the Daily Telegraph online and I quote:


The makers of Stilton cheese have launched their own perfume.

Eau de Stilton claims to “recreate the earthy and fruity aroma”

of the pungent blue cheese “in an eminently wearable perfume”.

The perfume, blended by a Manchester-based aromatics company,
features a “symphony of natural base notes including yarrow,
angelica seed, clary sage and valerian.

This is what the Stilton Cheese Company had to say about their latest product. Well, what do you know! Cat Deeley will be smiling more broadly than the Cheshire Cat after that sweet smelling perfume deal, I say, I say. The CC is in the story of Alice in Wonderland.

“Please, would you tell me,” said Alice, a little timidly, …
“why your cat grins like that?”
“It’s a Cheshire cat,” said the Duchess,
“and that’s why.”

Personally, I prefer my blue cheese-symphony in the company of its ‘pals’ – read: on a cheese platter with fruit, crackers and a glass of quality white wine like the South African Chenin Blancs available in most wine shops. Here are some recipes from the Stilton Cheese Company.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

Fluff & Stuff ~ Water/Water


One comes across these funny as in odd, strange, unusual, pieces of news every now and then.This is the now and the here.

First of all to The Fluff bit: Voss Water

Looking good & Luxury in a bottle
Voss is as much about its packaging as what’s inside. Its cylindrical bottle, resembling that of a perfume bottle, has become an instantly recognisable trademark. With a classic cylindrical bottle, Voss artesian water from
Norway is the latest must-have for thirsty diners and revellers at the UK‘s top restaurants, bars and hotels.

“A sip of Voss is like drinking fresh air,” the company claims, and consumers across the UK are loving it. And what great times it is for bottled water these days – according to statistics, sales of bottled water on the British Isles increased by nearly 50% between 2000 and 2004. Last year it rose another 5.3% to 2,170 million litres – that is nearly £1,600 million in retail sales. Over half of adults in the UK are drinking bottled water and sales are forecasted to rise at an annual rate of 6-8% to almost 3,000 million litres by 2010. The outlook for Norwegian artesian water is promising.
(Norway The Official Site)

Voss Water has been on the market since April 2000. Here is an amusing article  in English that was published in July 2005 in Aftenposten – a Norwegian newspaper. (I read it online in Norwegian.) This link is The Water Connoisseur online site. Interesting reading there.

Worldwide sales of bottled water are estimated to be between $50 and $100 billion (US) annually and increasing approximately 7 to 10 percent annually. In 2004, total sales were approximately 154 billion litres (41 billion gallons). [Gleick 2004] The United States is the largest market for bottled water, at 26 billion liters in 2004. On average, this is one 8-ounce glass per person per day. Italy has the highest average consumption per person, at two 8-ounce glasses per person per day. (Wikipedia)

The Hollywood stars like to be seen holding on to their bottles of Voss. I have not seen this water anywhere in the real life – so far that is. — Have You?


Then secondly to The Stuff – Water Resources of The World. Here is The World’s Water online site. 22 March – World Day for Water 2007 –iNFO. (UNESCO project) “22 March of each year was declared World Day for Water, to be observed starting in 1993, in conformity with the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).”

The world’s largest underground deposit of sweet water lies under Iquazu Falls which are located in the area where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet. (This according to the Asia Times 22.11.2005.)

The Planet Earth*

  • Surface Area of the Planet (510,066,000 sq km)
  • Land Area on the Planet (148,647,000 sq km) 
  • 29.1%Ocean Area (335,258,000 sq km) 
  • Total Water Area (361,419,000 sq km)
  • 70.9% Type of Water (97% salt), (3% fresh) 

Planet Earth has a total surface area of close to 197 million square miles. Most of this surface is covered by water. Most of this water is salty or in the form of ice and thus is not directly usable by humans. About 97% of the total water on earth is in the oceans or salt lakes. Another 2% of the total amount is locked up in the form of ice.

It is estimated that at any given time only about 1/3 of 1% of the total water on earth can be used by humans for agriculture or human consumption. (  

More than five million people die from waterborne diseases each year – 10 times the number killed in wars around the globe. Seventy per cent of the water used worldwide is used for agriculture. BBC online on article, Water scarcity: A looming crisis? Here is a Quiz: World Water crisis.Go on, have a go and see how you will do on it.

Intriguing information methinks. Another rather amusing article I read in a newspaper about a scientifically made testing about some of the bottled waters on the market versa the tap water in Helsinki. Guess which one came on top as the best? Tap water in Helsinki, believe it or not!

Certainly tis true that the water on tap here in Finland is both very tasty and very clean – so far, so good, that is.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

* source: Oceans of The World online

The photo is by Riihele.



Photo of the Sky with Fluff & Stuff by Riihele.

I have called this entry Fluff & Stuff because that is what is in me head right this minute – not just sawdust, you know. I did an earlier entry last month on The Fluff – Blue Cheese Perfume and The Stuff – Domestic Violence. One comes across these funny as in odd, strange, unusual, pieces of news every now and then.This is the now and the here.



First of all to The Fluff bit:
Reuters Oddly Enough by Jeremy Lovell LONDON (Reuters) –

Barbie in Midnight Red, dating from 1965, sold for a world record 9,000 pounds ($17,000) on Tuesday as collectors from around the world gathered to bid for a piece of a unique private collection of 4,000 Barbie family dolls.
The doll, which had been priced at up to 600 pounds, became the most expensive Barbie ever to be sold at auction, according to Christie’s who ran the sale. The previous auction record was 2,800 pounds also set at Christie’s in 1999.

“It was very competitive,” said a Christie’s spokeswoman. “People were taking this very seriously. We had interest from all four corners of the world.”

Amazing. I never was into Barbie-world ever, still find all this intriguing. Did you know that Barbie has in her lifetime since 1959 ‘done or had’ the following things:

  • Her full name is: Barbie Millicent Roberts
  • top-selling doll in the world, with annual sales of some $3 billion
  • 95 different careers – anything from an astronaut, doctor, model to fire-fighter
  • 45 nationalities
  • 43 pets – from a poodle to zebra
  • that her name comes from the co-owner’s * daughter’s name
  • Ken- Barbie’s eternal boyfriend was named after the son of this lady

All in all – a very busy busy woman with all those jobs, pets and nationalities and not a hair out of place neither did the grin ever diminish on that perfect face. Go Girl! **

~~~ o00O000 ~~~

Then secondly to The Stuff – a few weeks ago on the 28.9. there was the anniversary of the sea disaster of the Estonia in 1994 when nearly 900 people lost their lives in the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea. Here is the final report on the said disaster completed in 1997.

One year – in 1989 – the girls and I came from Ireland for an extended time in both Sweden and Finland where we flew over to Stockholm but took the ferry across to Finland from Sweden. It is a fabulous journey through the Archipelago and takes about 8 hours or so during daytime but slightly longer during the night journey to Turku, in Finland. We took the day ferry going over to Finland and the night one getting back to Stockholm. Now, the ferry that we took both ways was called at the time ‘Viking Sally ‘ – which later was renamed Estonia, this very ship that sunk in 1994.

I have taken these ferry journeys back and forth for multiple of times over the years that I lived in Stockholm and it had never ever bothered me to be onboard any of them until we were travelling on this Viking Sally aka Estonia years later; as I got a very very strong warning, dark foreboding whatever one calls it and could hardly sleep a wink, though am a talented sleeper normally. The girls sensed my restlessness and I tried to keep calm for their sake.

When I heard this utterly horrid news about this very ship sinking, I remembered my foreboding and the sense of gloom and doom hanging over that ferry that I had felt so many years before. The other day all these things and feelings came back so very real again.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

We have several photos of our travel on the Viking Sally, but I do not want to put them here, as somebody who lost a loved one on this terrible disaster might be reading this, and it would be rather tactless, methinks.

* That is: the co-owner of Mattel – the toy makers
** Newsflash: New Barbie doll to raise Breast Cancer Awareness more…