‘Funny Pictures’ …

I saw this picture at Aneta’s blog on Y360 months ago and took note of it for it caused me to ponder, wonder and I left this comment on the same:

Looking at that gob with the tags in it makes one wonder:

‘How does the poor thing manage to eat at all, at all?!!’

Maybe tearing the chunks of raw meat would be just the ticket,
or only plain liquids poured down past the metal work in there!!

Not to mention: Airport security could be very noisy for ‘im, i say!!

How could one kiss somebody like that and not be shred to pieces in the process?!!
Very romantic. NOT.

Puzzled so am I…

What springs to your mind?

Keep so grand. Rii xx

Incidents and Such Like – Certificate


I have divided the incidents into The Comical, The Dangerous and The Thinking About Them Ones.

This one belongs to the first mentioned ones The Comical. The story is like this:
I have been going to this dentist in Ireland for twenty odd years to have me regular check-ups and whatnot; in other words spent an absolute fortune on the choppers! I even changed all the Amalgam aka the mercury fillings to the ‘white fillings’ because I thought – and I am absolutely certain – that was what caused the repeated colds and other things due the immune system not being to the par. Here is a link to the Wikipedia on the Amalgam Controversy.

The dentist himself did not agree with me on that, I must say. Never mind – I am the patient patient paying for it in the first place. He always gives me the most excellent rates as I know how to negotiate and do get killer-deals wherever on whatever, usually.

Now years later after the said change of the fillings, the verdict is that it DID help immensely for my immunity has improved hugely ever since the mercury fillings were taken off me gob!

But now back to the Story. I went to him one year just before Xmas-time and as we were having a natter and a laugh about things and events, the giving/buying of presents came up.
His remark to me was always at moi not wanting to take the shots for numbing the pain – I rather suffer for the minute or two of discomfort than have the whole face distorted for the rest of the day:

“You are a tough race, you Finns!!”

And my reply would be:

“Yup, we fought in the war, we can take the pain!”

All the patients of his that refused the local anaesthetics were all Finnish women, by the way.

Anyway this particular time, his other remark was that my mouth is exceptionally small, though in proportion. Like a doll’s, apparently!

Well, now!

My reply to that was:

” Is not so cruel of the people to call me: Big Mouth?!!”

He chuckled and nodded.

A bright idea hit me, so said:

“Tis the festive season coming up, do you give official certificates to prove that so that I could hand them to all and sundry who call me names?!!”

I still think that it would be such a brilliant idea to have a collection of these beautifully framed, real genuine and official certificates of my mouth as a proof of the pudding, as the saying goes!

Tis for now, from a Teeny Mouth – professionally tested & proved, Rii xx

PS. The Picture is off the net with the makeover by yours truly.