Game Over: Football

Nokia Connecting People l

I put the ‘Nokia Connecting People’-thing – this a photograph that my elder sister took while in Vienna last autumn which I just took a chunk of –  in here because the populace of the earth: the old, the young, the haves, the have-nots, friendly nations, foe nations; all have been united under the umbrella, or should I say, under the shadow of a circle-shaped object called the football.

Read in my daily newspaper here in Finland, that there was a man in China who was so engrossed in the France – Spain game during the World Cup 2006, that even though his house burned down around him, he paid no attention to whatsoever to his wife’s neither his baby’s survival never mind to the earthly possessions they had, as all he did was to grab the television set outside and plug into the nearest socket in order to continue watching the said match!! Mind-boggling, so tis.

I do wonder what the man’s reaction was after the game was over if the reality of it all finally sank into his football-crazy head. Also, I’d like to know if it was the team that he was rooting for that did win in the end of the match he so wholeheartedly followed! For sure, it’d be double the disappointment if not only the house & goods burned down to cinders but his team went down as well. Could be too much to handle in one go.

Football is a great game, I think. So do not think that I am against the sport in any way. Nope. Well, let me tell you – I played football in the boys’ team where only the ones who could play were invited to play! I was the only girl they approved to play ’til I asked if my younger sister could join as well. The boys comment to that was:

“Well, does she know HOW TO play?”

“Of course”, I said not really knowing but trusting me blister to be as good as me trust on her!!

I watched the finals of the World Cup 2006 – I was on the French side, by the way. Now that I ponder it, it was great that Italy won as they have not won it since 1982, so I will gladly grant the victory to them. Brazil would have been my Numero Uno choice to win but but…

The one game that kept me perked up all through it at the World Cup Games last year, was the game of Holland versa Ivory Coast; my eyes did not shut in sleepiness or heaviness of boredom once! It was the most masterly and skilfully played of the games in my mind. Some of the games had the sleeping-pill effect on me – I was sound asleep before I knew. Delicious sleep, may I tell you, and didn’t dream of football.

So in the year 2010 it shall be South Africa that the World Cup in football shall be played in next time. Läcka – “right on” –  in Afrikaans slang.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

Going back to the winners of the World Cup 2006 what can one expect of a country that is shaped like a boot but to win?!!