Les Animaux – Simon de Pud


“Here, I am” says Simon de Pud “ready to roll!”. He has a way of saying a whole lot of his thoughts, opinions, complaints and expressing a wide range of emotions like: gladness, fear, pleasure, all without a single word*. It is such an amazing thing that, actually the words are not needed at all in order to get the message; once one is tuned in. Just note the peeved and what-is-she-doing-now look on that suffering face!

He is in my TLC-care for the moment, although, he is Becki’s little Dahlin Puss. Simon has the sassiness of Garfield, the suddenness (of his attacks) of Cato, the side-kick of the Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther and the moves of Kramer in the Seinfield. Quite a heady mix – you think. Yep, that is ‘im.

His favourite menu is the following:

  • lasagne
  • green or black olives
  • pasta
  • risotto
  • tinned cat food
  • dried cat food

For a cat born and bred – read: fed – in Finland that sort menu is very Mediterranean like. Yet the puddy is from a small place in central Finland. Where the exotic taste buds come from is a puzzle to us? How we discovered his special food fads was, when we were ourselves munching the above-mentioned delicacies – par the cat foods, for sure – and our feline friend went nigh hysterical – Gimme, Gimme!! So he tasted and ever since then it is ‘sharing & caring’ on Simon’s part when something he likes is eaten by anybody in his sight. We do have ourselves very international tastes in food. It could be – can’t beat them, join them thing.

I have come to understand that the FELINES HAVE FEELINGS – indeed, very sensitive feelings. Simon is of the cats we have had the one that I know the best. That is why I am practicing to be an animal shrink on top all the other skills I have.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

* Of course, the cats have a huge range of various types of meows as well that they use with a masterly expertise of a virtuoso. Back to the Italian opera, hey. Maybe, that is why he is so good at this expressing his feelings et cetera.

The picture above was an actual photograph that I gave a bit of a makeover to make it look like this.

Now, Somebody’s tummy-bell is ringing loud and clear – ding, dong, it is feeding time in the zoo!! No, not the olives or the other Med food – tho it’s a very healthy and in-fashion diet. It is the old reliable Latz for Catz.