Flower Power: ROSES ARE WHITE…

Lovely Setting of Roses

Roses are White...

White Roses

White Roses bathing in Sunshine

Do let your sight & soul rest on these pure beauties…

Tis light,
for now
from Rii xx

© Photos by Riihele. All rights reserved

Common Name: Floribunda rose
Genus: Rosa
Cultivar: ‘Iceberg’
Skill Level: Beginner
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Moist
Height: 80cm
Spread: 65cm
Flowering period: July to October
Iceberg should be pruned from late winter to early spring.
Introduced: in 1958

Source for the above iNFO: BBC Gardening

COME for a Tour with Me!

Map of Yemin Moshe

SHALOM - have your water bottles ready, because the weather is hot and going all the way up & down these steps will take a lot of liquid and stamina!

Narrow Lane
Yemin Moshe scenes“Yemin Moshe is a picturesque, beautifully restored neighborhood – an architectural treasure and one of the most elegant addresses in Jerusalem. There are no shops, but the views are spectacular. It’s a fascinating place for an early evening or winter afternoon stroll; however, a noontime walk in the hot July sun is not recommended.” Source: Frommers.com

Yemin Moshe from far off

Yemin Moshe Quarter is named for Sir Moses Montefiore and it is compact and so very charming suburb facing the western side of the Old City. The photo is Yemin Moshe taken outside Jaffa Gate and it shows the entire area.

Going Down the steps

During the War of Independence Yemin Moshe was completely surrounded by the enemy for months, but it held out heroically. The border between Jordan and Israel was located just below Yemin Moshe in the Hinnom Valley.*

Up the steps!

The quarter was abandoned during the 19 years of the Jordanian occupation of the Old City before the Six Day War in 1967, because of the danger of snipers from the Old City Walls and the neighbourhood deteriorated dramatically.* The photo is one of the entrance gates into the area which also happens to be my personal favourite gate to enter there.

Plants Galore in Yemin Moshe

After the Six Day War, the quarter was renovated and it has since attracted a number of artists whose works are sold in the area’s galleries.*

More Plants

These absolutely gorgeous tumbling, colourful plants were in the gardens in the Yemin Moshe, where I lived for some time. It is an area where the cars are not allowed, neither could they be there, as it is all steps up and down all the streets within the Yemin Moshe.

Houses in Yemin Moshe

There are about 130 houses in this picturesque neighborhood, which was first established outside the Old City walls in 1891.


The fitness levels of me went to the top rates in Jerusalem, in general, the landscape is steep hills and deep valleys – get the picture – and in Yemin Moshe, in particular, where I used to run the steps up & down for extra fitness with the dogs I was taking care of.

Steps, steps

This is the view towards the Old City from Yemin Moshe – Gorgeous so tis!

The View to the Old City Jerusalem

Yemin Moshe is ‘The’ address for artists, architects and the like. I often spotted art classes taking place in there while walking through the area.

Interesting Window

Tis now for this tour and Thank You for being such great sports, says Your Tour Guide, Rii xx

* Source: Jewish Agency and Ynetnews.

All the photos are by me taken this time on me holidays, for this is where I was staying most of the vacation, and there is more….

© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.

Bougainvillea in Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem

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This Bougainvillea in such vivid purples at the setting sun is in Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem, where I spent my holidays for the past few weeks. I will write on the holz, when I recover a bit more…

Tis for now. Riihele xx