Who Wears the Prada? – Movie Review

Red Shoe

Photo and the makeover of the Red Shoe by Riihele.

I think that them heels go so well with what I am going to talk about today. I have used the other variation on this theme before in here. I do not go often to the cinema because there are just so very few films that interest me, even though they are being constantly churned out of the movie mills of Hollywood by the lorry-load each day! Then when I heard about and saw the Red Heels for this film, I was intrigued to go and see for meself what the story was all about. Here is the Official web site of the Prada. Feel free to drool…

The film is based on the novel by Lauren Weisberger who graduated from Cornell University. Her first novel ‘The Devil Wears Prada‘ was published in 2003 and became a huge success on the bestseller list of The New York Times for weeks. It has been published in twenty-seven countries. Here is an excerpt about the book in The Devil Wears Prada Home page at the Random House Publisher’s:

Andrea Sachs, a small-town girl fresh out of college, lands the job “a million girls would die for.” Hired as the assistant to Miranda Priestly, the high-profile, fabulously successful editor of Runway magazine, Andrea finds herself in an office that shouts Prada! Armani! Versace! at every turn, a world populated by impossibly thin, heart-wrenchingly stylish women and beautiful men clad in fine-ribbed turtlenecks and tight leather pants that show off their lifelong dedication to the gym. With breathtaking ease, Miranda can turn each and every one of these hip sophisticates into a scared, whimpering child.

I did not read the book but went to see the film ‘cold’ without knowing that much about it except that there were Meryl Streep – playing the part of Miranda Priestly and Anne Hathaway – the PA – in the leading roles. This is what is said about the film by a critique in The New York Observer:

”The Devil Wears Prada” is the first classy, elegant and really entertaining film of 2006. It’s about the phony, pretentious, insanely overpriced, death-rattle world of what is laughably called fashion, and the magazines that market what’s left of it to a fan base of gullible consumers who can’t afford it and don’t need it in the first place.”

Right at the beginning of the film I was nearly hyperventilating recalling my own time as a PA to a fashion designer and the demands that were put on Andrea, the character, echoing my own experiences in real life! This part, I must say, I was totally unprepared for. I kept thinking: ‘I know, I know, that’s the way IT IS!’

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA gives a rich and hilarious new meaning to plaints about “The Boss from Hell.” Narrated in Andrea’s smart, refreshingly disarming voice, it traces a deep, dark, devilish view of life at the top only hinted at in gossip columns and over Cosmopolitans at the trendiest cocktail parties. (The Official Web site.)


As things escalate from the merely unacceptable to the downright outrageous, however, Andrea begins to realize that the job a million girls would die for may just kill her. And even if she survives, she has to decide whether or not the job is worth the price of her soul. (The Official Web site.)

Don’t say!

Having got over the hyperventilating I was able to enjoy the movie and really liked how good Meryl Streep is in her acting as always. Did not warm up to Anne Hathaway that much, I must confess. Have not analyzed yet as to ‘why’ – just tis so. The best part of the film for me is the scene where ‘Andrea’ is taken into this massive room that is brimmingly full of the best and the most fabulous designs of every kind, style and make of shoes, clothes, accessories, to get her into the right, chic look!! Whooaaa…….Let me in!!

I read that the book will be made into a sitcom to be released in 2007 – yes, great as it should be very good and interesting in a sitcom version, as the dialogue is not the forte of this film, neither is the plot as there isn’t any.Tis the clothes that take the lead so to speak and the lavish style of living in contrast to Andrea’s plain home life.

Do I recommend the film? Yes, most certainly. I will get the DVD and watch it again, again and yet again, because I think that the film might improve with closer acquaintance.

Go and have a lookie for yourself – and do tell me what you think about it, please.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.