The act of anticipating, taking up, placing,
or considering something beforehand,
or before the proper time in natural order.

”But if we learn to think of it as anticipation, as learning, as growing,
if we think of the time we spend waiting for
the big things of life as an opportunity
instead of a passing of time,
what wonderful horizons open out! ”

Anna Neagle

In Anticipation of a good meal!

Do you notice the ANTICIPATION with the knife and the fork all poised to tackle this delicous meal because paparazzi Da Blonde yelled:

“Wait, wait I want to take a photo!”

In Anticipation of a good meal!




The restaurant we had this fabulous meal* is this:”Located off the courtyard of Yemin Moshe’s Confederation House, Te`enim**
is a charming, quiet corner in one of Jerusalem’s classic neighborhoods.
Oversized windows provide exquisite views of the Old City,
and the inner courtyard is decorated with Armenian-tiled tables and stone benches
— perfect for parties and family celebrations. The restaurant offers a unique vegetarian menu,
including seaweed soup, tofu skewers and more.

Local tip:
Save time to wander through the alleyways of Yemin Moshe.
It’s one of the capital’s most picturesque, and historic, neighborhoods.”
Go Jerusalem online

Yemin Moshe
is a picturesque, beautifully restored neighbourhood
– an architectural treasure
and one of the most elegant addresses in Jerusalem.
There are no shops, but the views are spectacular.
It’s a fascinating place for an early evening or winter afternoon stroll.”

Source: Frommers.com

This is my entry on the theme




Tis for now, Rii xx

© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.

*The black shrivelled tingies are Char-grilled Aubergines!!
Delicious it was apparently. Mine was a different very delish vegetarian dish as well.
** Te’enim means’Figs’ in Hebrew.

^^ Picture Perfect works so that we are given the ‘title’ in a word and we have to match that with a photo.

Incidents & Such Like: Lunch


This Incident took place in a bus in Ireland a good few years ago where a whole lot of passengers were each minding their own business when suddenly a little clear voice pipes out above all the other discussions and whatnot:

“Mum, why did you pour our lunch over our heads?”

There is an absolute silence as all the other things have come to a complete halt while we are holding our breaths waiting to hear the ‘why’.

The mother takes her time in answering and finally she says totally calm and collected:

“You pushed me to it.”


The boys say nothing, neither does anyone else and the activities continue as before.

I took a second look at this poor harassed mother with her two lively sons and felt deep sympathy for her.

I kept seeing this mother and her two sons in different places; on the street or in the shops over the years as they lived in the same town. She always looked as worn-out as ever while the sons look as innocent as ever.

The very last time that I spotted them, the sons were grown-up, and were very nice looking boys indeed. I felt like asking them about the incident, but as I had never talked to them before, I came to the conclusion that this incident of the ‘lunch-poured-over-the-heads’ was to remain undissolved, unknown and unmentioned.

What I wanted to know was:

    • What exactly happened?
    • What made her finally lose her cool?
    • What was the aftermath?
    • Who tidied up?
    • What was the lunch?

As a mother one can come to the edge at times to do precisely the very thing this mother actually did; just want to know what was the final push…

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

PS. The picture is off the net.