Incidents and Such Like ~ Train


The hard thing about travelling by train in some countries is the fact that the stops are not announced beforehand, in advance, but one has to figure them out by oneself. We were happily chugging along in this train between Edinburgh and Glasgow when we in our intensive nattering forgot all about keeping track of the stations and their names. Then we were in a station and just about to move along when we suddenly discovered that this particular station was our one to get off the train where somebody had come to collect us. It was also getting late and soon it would be dark.

Oy vey! What to do? There was only a couple of seconds for quick thinking and then I said to her:

“Let’s jump off the train! We are in the last carriage we can do it!
We will just chuck off the bags and then jump ourselves!”

So we did to the utter amazement of the rest of the people in the carrriage. The train was getting on in speed and there was not a second to waste.

First went all our luggage to the side of the track and then ourselves with no harm to either of us.

So far so good.

Then, we heard as we were clambering up the side of the track to the road on the top, this fiercely angry Scottish voice booming loudly over the whole station area:




Well that was us, of course.

We are not going there!‘, was our joint decision.

The angry voice got absolutely hopping mad and continued with the same words over and over again.The train had stopped. To our good luck nobody was looking up at the road where we were walking along, as we had to make our way back to the station to meet this person collecting us. He was more astonished than we in our bumping into him OUTSIDE the station than what we were, I must say!

He said:

“What are you doing out here? I thought that I would meet you inside the station.”

We just pointed out to him that livid voice ringing in the area still calling us to go the stationmaster that it is us that had jumped off the train and that we were not going to go to see anybody! He had a good chuckle about the incident and told us to hurry into his car and that we better head off the area double quick!!

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

The PS.
of this incident was that we had to get tickets to go on to Liverpool to meet the gang and ‘how to’ was the dilemma in this poky little station where everybody knew everybody?!

The chap that did the chauffering for us told us ‘to keep very low profile’ and that he would go the station to buy the tickets and hand them over to us.
And so he did. We were only too glad to see the back of that place and head off to other adventures!