Did You Know That: Eyesight


Did you know that the first day that I walked into the classroom with my new glasses on the boys said to me immediately:

“Wow, Riihele, you look so intelligent with the glasses on!”

And I said:
“Thank you. Good to know that I at least look it!”

They were kind but twas no consolation to me as I did not like wearing them at all to begin with. I was told when I got my first pair of specs as a 17-year-old that by the time that I would be the Six-O, my eyesight would be perfect. Not that I am that age – oh, no – am going up the hill, steady as she goes, yet still far away from the ‘over the hill’ and even further way from the ‘far away’. Know the saying? To be “Over the hills and far away.” Actually, it is a song in an 18th-century play, but goes even further back to the 1670’s. Amazing, methinks. Here is a link to see what I mean.

Tom, he was a piper’s son,

He learnt to play when he was young,

And all the tune that he could play,

Was, “Over the hills and far away”;. .

These are the lines that I do remember as well. We used it to express a multitude of things in our family in Ireland as regards to; somebody’s musical ability/talent, one’s age et cetera. It was not said in a mean way, though. So above here I am refrerring it to my own age/ageing.

Anyhow, tis the country to get the snazziest specs because of the quality and the quantity of the opticians. Yes, there are zillions of them here in Finland. The reason being that only about 20 per cent of the total population has the normal eyesight so the rest, the eighty per cent, are the faithful and regular clientele to these shops. Another great country for the absolutely fabulous selection on specs is Israel.

I did wear the gas permeable contact lenses for a decade and a half but then my eyes would not tolerate them anymore. I am too chicken to do the Lasik or the any other of the ops to do with the eyes.

The eye specialist’s cold -ice-cold – comfort words that he said to me about the perfect eyesight are more and more coming to the fore as my eyesight is rapidly improving and I am taking the glasses off all the time to see better without than with them.

The other day I came across a very handy and useful site online for advice on the shopping and getting the specs. Here is the link. One would be tempted to buy a pair just to have the right look – the most fashionable accessory around. Unless, one is a starlet and has a pocket size poochie… This link in here has the Celeb Quiz on who is behind the sunglasses. Do have a try on it.

Am thinking to as what kind of new ones I will go for, so I am still on the research phase as to actually buying a pair yet.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

The pix above is moi at the age of the perfect eyesight Take 1, when I was only 5-years old. I did a bit of a makeover on the photo. Aaah, the days of far-sightness* – meaning: had no idea whatsoever what lay ahead – to these days of near-sightness.