Tender Moments – before the sunset

© Photo: Riihele. All rights reserved.

I do not wish to think of snow, that we have by the bucket load!
I do not wish to think of cold, it is only freeezing!
I do not wish to think of winter …

So hence, this

TENDER MOMENTS – before the sunset –
taken in Jerusalem a couple summers ago.

Do you feel the warmth and glorious glow of the hot day that was?

Aaah… those were them days, i say.

The photo is totally untouched even though it looks like watercolour painting.


2 Responses

  1. Aw, this picture is wonderful =) I really does look like a watercolour painting. And while you have a bucket load of snow, I’m wishing that a miracle would happen and it’ll actually snow on a tropical island. I’m dying from the heat xD

    Take care, Rii.


  2. Hei Nus Dear

    Brilliant that you like this photo as well,
    for it is one of my very favourites, you know!
    Keep so grand and safe.

    Rii :=)

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