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I call this picture:


The FLAMING HOT FIRE of the orange rising sun in the photo looks like a fireball had burst on the scene, and the contrasting extreme cold and frost on the branches and on the ground look so chill-into-your-bones ICY C-O-L-D. Brrr….

Day Breaking over the River

It was an extremely cold day, as it was minus 36*C or thereabouts, when I took this shot of FIRE & ICE and a selection of other similar photos in Finland in February 2007. Some of the photos were taken in the morning of that day when the sun was rising, and the others slightly later in the afternoon as the sun was setting. There is a collection of these photos in this link.

Tis for now, Rii

© All photos Riihele. All rights reserved

4 Responses

  1. Okay! I’ve decided! I want to come live near you 😀

  2. Hei Nus

    LOL — You are so welcome!!
    But i think that you’d be frozen solid in no-time at all, i bet!
    Have a grand weekend and do keep so safe. Rii 🙂

  3. I popped in from one of the new wordpress possible links and I love these photos. I’ve been in a forest fire and the trees near the horizon look like that. Beautiful!!

  4. Hei Kym

    Thanks a million for dropping by and leaving such a fine comment as well!
    Great that you like the pic.

    Keep so grand and well. Rii 🙂

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