Peeking in!!

Tree framing the autumnal scene

Steps & Golden Glow

Serene Autumn Scene

Trees & Street in autumn

Wind-blown Leaves

Artwork on the stones

Birch Leaf on  marble

Cornered Leaves in a corner

Tis for now. Riihele xx

© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.


6 Responses

  1. I love the pictures… beautiful…

  2. Hei Nus

    Thanks! I suppose there where you live there is no autumn as such, eh?!
    Keep so well and safe. Rii 🙂

  3. Yeahhh.. only summer and winter… and no snow in winter… everything is more or less the same… except from a lil difference in temperature… 19 oC in winter and about 26 in summer…

  4. Hei again Nus

    Lol! i suppose, it’d be right to say that you do not have winter for 19*C would be about the average SUMMER temperature for us in Finland!! Winter temps can be as low as -40*C in parts of the country.

    I have a set of winter photos (MISTY RIVER) taken by me when it was twice as cold as in a freezer! And that BRRR cold kept on for days on end last year. We will how things turn out this winter…

    Have a super day. Rii 🙂

  5. Hey 🙂

    Well, good luck for this winter… Ours is nearly over. 😛 Well, even for 19 *C, it’s pretty cold. We don’t have our houses equipped with heaters and all, would be a waste. So, it’s just pullovers, coats and all.

    Take care ^.^

  6. Hei again Nus

    Aha, you are the very opposite to us on seasons. We are forecast to have snow today…. Hmmm. Have a super weekend. Rii : )

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