Incidents & Such Like: ANKLES


We have very good friends over in Ireland whom we used to be in and out of their house constantly as they lived quite close to us and vice versa. The Man of the house was piling on the ounces and the pounds with the Good Life until they became stones and then he got the brilliant idea that he would lose some of the excess weight by cycling. And cycle he did, miles after miles, up and down the hills of County Wicklow!

Very good idea indeed.

But the snag in the story is this that he more he exercised, the more he ate, so there was no difference to the bulk on his body; it remained the same no matter what he did. This went on for months on end. He cycled twice as much, eating three times the usual amount.

Get the picture.

One time we were over in their house and M. was in his cycling shorts just back from his gruelling spurt on the bike, when he says to me:

“Look, look, Rii, I have lost a lot of weight!!!”

I look, look and look bit more, but do not see any difference on the cuddly bod, so I reply to him:

“Where, where M did you lose weight, around your ankles, is it?!”

He and everybody else burst out into roaring laughter. His Mrs had the best laugh of all, actually. Tearful so she was with the hilarity of it all.

Tis for now. Rii xx

As far as I am aware, he is still cycling away, eating the good food….

But he is happy.

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