2SPEAK or not 2SPEAK


To speak or not to speak.
I think I shall continue speaking.

The skill in any language will increase as one courageously speaks, reads a wide range of topics and puts one’s impressions, one’s thoughts into writing. Not by thinking that ‘when my language is perfect then I will open ma treasure chest of words and expressions’. That day, most likely, will not arrive in a hurry, because the language keeps changing, sometimes at a faster rate, sometimes at a slower rate, but change it does.

My words are different to your words and that is why the mix-ups and misunderstandings often happen. The most commonly spoken language one would think is the Mandarin Chinese but it is not, would you believe, as this article where I read about this stated that ‘the most common language is badly spoken English’! Apparently, the total number of English speakers in the world is about 1,4 billion; and the native speakers of this figure are about three to four hundred million in all.

Here is a site to get interesting ideas and useful hints in blogging, the site is called, Reporters Without Borders. It is possible to get their great handbook as a PDF, too. I found their name on a site where there are a whole bunch of these ‘help lines’ for people looking for stuff to aid them in this wonderful world of cyber-writing and blogging. This site in the States is also a real treasure chest of helping materials and topics of all sorts and kinds one needs in blogging or just generally in writing whether in business or for pleasure, Online Resources for Writers. Google Resources has a great site for writers as well.

I use the internet to check and find more about the things I have written so far and also, I am using The Oxford Dictionary-set very much for it is right besides me while working. The set of these books, that is the Oxford Concise Dictionary, the Oxford Thesaurus and the Oxford Spelling, are my trusted allies in this writing adventure. I have them as actual books which were bought for years ago. Twas a very good and wise investment, may I say. It is ‘yer only man’ as the Irish put it. Here is a link to Oxford Dictionary new additions of words.

I am interested in a whole gamut of topics, so I will be writing on these subjects as the days go by. Lately, I have been mostly reminiscing about me life so far. Yes, there’s been a lot of it. A life lived to the hilt. It is my opinion that the most interesting task to the writer herself in the writing and also for the readers in reading it, is to write about any topic that one is familiar with and has something to more to say about. It is the way how-to say that is hard many a time. This is what I am learning more and more to do as each day as I am taking up a topic and doing the research on it, and then putting my thoughts into a blog on the same.

The written word compared to the spoken words – how to spot which came first. This site is about teaching the language and it was in there that I found this article as well as a selection of great international jokes. The written word gets its nuances, tones, textures and colours firstly by the words, by the idioms, and by the expressions used, and secondly by the layout, by the font and by the style applied. The underlying ‘feel’ is sensed between the lines and the mood of the writer becomes apparent nearly immediately and as one takes in these facets and mulls over them for awhile then one really reaches into the heart of the matter. To me all that is most fascinating. This is the reason why I love reading books and also reading blogs, not forgetting articles in the newspapers.

There is an absolutely hilarious site: The Very Best of British which is about the differences between the British and the American English words in slang, in motoring, in people et cetera. This site has me in hysterics whenever I go over there to surf and for a very good laugh.

There are some interesting facts as regards to the words spoken; I am talking about things like the importance of the actual words as compared to the tone, the gestures and so on of the speaker. Apparently, only about 7 per cent is all that the actual words make of the total of 100 per cent when something is expressed in words. The rest is comprised of the tone, the gestures et cetera. Interesting, hey?

A great quiz on words with 23 questions for You to have a go at this SPELLING BEE!

How did You do?

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

The title text in the ‘picture’ is made by me in the Cool Text.com.


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