Sound as a Bell & Other Irishisms


Still Life in Powerscourt
Photo: Still Life in Powerscourt Demesne, Ireland by Riihele.

“The most obvious trait, or should I say, the most prominent characteristic of an Irishman/ -woman is their absolutely delicious wit. It shines through everything and anything that is done in the country.” – I wrote that in an earlier entry called, The Emerald Isle -The Wit which I did in April. And I continued to say this:

“The Irish are quick as a flash in inventing brilliant nicknames and the like. There is a statue in a street in Dublin called ‘The Molly Malone’ of the famous ballad. Her nickname is ‘The Tart with the Cart’ – because the poor girl has a rather too low-cut outfit on her! She is the one with the ‘cockles and mussels…’

Also, there was prior to the Spike another statue on that spot called ‘Anna Livia‘ – another name for the River Liffey. Her less flattering nickname was: ‘The Floozie in the Jacuzzi’ as she was sitting there with all the water pouring over her in the torrents and streams!”

IRISHISMS -The Way that the Irish Express Tings








Sound as a bell

She is sound as a bell! She is a great person.


Effin n blindin To curse/to swear


Ya big Eejit! You are a fool/you’re silly


Goin for a shindig. Go to a dance hall/disco

Off your face

She was off her face. She was tipsy, pickled.(slightly drunk)

How ‘ ya

How’ya Mick? How are you, Mick?


Craic and banterIt was craic. To have fun.
It was fun.

Yer wan, yer man

Yer man said … Person about whom you are talking about to another.

Jammer, banger

His jammer, his banger His car(not the latest model)


The place was jammers. The place was full.

I place and have always placed a great value for the sense of humour in persons since childhood so to me it is an added bonus to be in situations of a howling comedy with all its multiple sides of tragedy and comedy to it.The bitter-sweet of life. The humour is the spice of life and a great medicine in times of great joy and at all times.

I see:

The sense of humour as a parachute that makes the landing softer in all the turns and trials of the life and the living.

(My very own saying, by the way.)

Tis for now yet again. Riihele xx.


2 Responses

  1. ha ha, good stuff, course it sounds more like “yer wan” than “Your one”

  2. Well hello der!
    Ta 4 da comment. 🙂

    Put da yer wan on it like….

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