The Heat is On!

The Maid by the pier

The sun is rising very early morning. All is still. All is quiet. (Photo: Riihele)

Finland is a country of sharp contrasts weather wise, I mean: we have the four seasons – do have a look at the Picture Book/ Four Seasons on this link – not just in theory but in practice as well. The coldest months can be as cold as minus 30 Centigrade or more below the freezing, and the hottest days – no, not quite months – can be plus 30 Centigrade or even more. For the few days now, we have been toasting, roasting like chickens on a grill! Yes, THE HEAT IS ON!

Today’s weather in here is in this link. The nightless nights – that is to say:
the sun does not go to bed,
and all this heat on them bones,
makes it all so worthwhile
living in these latitudes on this globe of ours!

Aah, tis the life
Aah, tis the time to be here,
I say, I say…

Tis for now again, Riihele, Glowing xx.


Have you heard the saying:

“Horses sweat;
Men perspire,
Women glow”?


2 Responses

  1. I was looking for a pic about not-so-dumb-blondes and here you are ;))

  2. HEEH! :=)

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