The Best Thing About: THURSDAY


The Best Thing About THURSDAY?




– Is that,
it is



The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the character Arthur Dent says
“This must be Thursday
. I could never get the hang of Thursdays“. (Wikipedia)


Thursday Island – Australia

POPULATION Approx.: 2300
Thursday Island is the administrative centre for the Torres Strait islands which have been part of Queensland since 1872. “T.I.” as it’s usually known, is the most popular of the Torres Strait Islands. It’s only just over three square km in area and 39km off the top of Cape York. The strait’s population of 25 000 live on more than 20 islands, and is engaged mostly in fishing, prawning and a declining pearling industry.
Thursday Island is now identified as one of the last great frontiers in Australia, as it holds some great Australian history. In 1880, Thursday Island acted as the defence centre for Australia and evidence of this still exists in that the cannons still remains in place”


Sweet Thursday is an emphatic and clear-cut statement of Steinbeck‘s greatest single theme: the common bonds of humanity and love which make goodness and happiness possible.”

—The New Republic
“In Monterey, on the California coast, Sweet Thursday is what they call the day after Lousy Wednesday, which is one of those days that is just naturally bad. Returning to the scene of Cannery Row, the weedy lots and junk heaps and flophouses of Monterey…”


Thursday in Hebrew is YOM HAMISHI – The 5TH Day.


Yom (Hebrew) A day; by extension an age or time period. The Jews reckoned the days of the week by number instead of by name, thus yom ‘ehad (day first); yom sheni (day second); yom shelishi (day third); yom rebi`i (day fourth); yom hamishi (day fifth); yom shishshi (day sixth); and yom shebi`i (day seventh) — which last is likewise the Sabbath (shabbath).

The image of Thursdays is off the
Handwriting For Kids

Tis for now. Riihele xx


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