Mum’s The Word!

Mums the word


Someone who cares

when others care less,

Someone who encourages

when others ridicule,

Someone who defends

when others condemn,

Someone with patience

when others are impatient,

Someone who appreciates

when others fail to notice,

Someone who gives security

in a world of insecurity,

Someone who is accepting

when others reject.

You are a friend
all time,
to cherish
and your achievements
will linger
for generations.


This moving and poignantly worded card Becki gave me one year for the Mother’s Day in Ireland. I have kept it in my wallet ever since through all these years, through all the countries and places it has travelled with me. Heli gave me a most beautifully worded handwritten letter and a note which have also been doing the same ‘travelling’.

It is one of the greatest privileges in life to be a mum. Now, that the girls are grown-up, there is the added bonus to be a friend as well as a mother. Indeed, it’s a different kind of relationship than when the children were small. Each phase, every stage in this common journey of mothers & daughters. has been filled with so much instances, so much growing up for both the mother and the daughters, that is has been amazing. I am sure that the mother has done more maturing than the girls put together in our case! (I can see them nodding their heads in my mind’s eye!!)So, for the mothers – all the mothers in the world –



Tis for now. Riihele xx.

Today is My Mother’s Day Take 2 for in Ireland it was already celebrated in March and today it is the Finnish one. Double the prezzies and double the blessings of being an international mum!
(The card and the text are taken from the MiniCARDS by Temple Products.)


4 Responses

  1. wow i felt like crying. very emotional. i felt some tears in my eyes 😥

  2. That is beautiful! Happy Mothers Day to you!


    Submited post on – “Mum?s The Word!”

  4. Ivan
    Thank you for the most wonderful comment on this entry. Rii xx

    Blessed 1
    Thank you for the wishes and the comment. Rii xx

    Thank you. Rii xx

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