An Awful Lot of Weather!

Play on Shadows is this photo called.
Play on Shadows
My own personal favourite of this lot of photos.

We are having an awful lot of weather at the moment: today it has rained, snow-flurried, snowed and also, the sun gave a guest-star appearance on top of it all, even though it is still cold! I wrote an entry on the weather called, ‘Don’t Knock The Weather’ quoting Kin Hubbard that goes like this:

“Don’t knock the weather;
nine-tenth of the people
couldn’t start a conversation
if it didn’t change
once in a while.”

Trees in the Shadows of Sharp Sun Light
It was a very cold and crispy day when I took these shots.

So I will not knock this topic either today, as it is as good as any other subject. In Ireland the people use this expression: “There is an awful lot of weather.” BINGO!

Shadows and a Snow Flurry
A little forest on the ridge with sharp shadows and the snow flurry in the middle of the photo.

These photos are part of the set which I call: The Happy Ones – compared to the Moody & Misty River-sets. The day I was taking them, in early February 2007, was beautifully clear, sunny and not too cold a day, so that it was a great pleasure to be outside doing ARTY FITness Walking and clicking happily frame after frame. These past days the camera has got plenty of rest, for there is nothing, not-a-thing, to click-clickety about until the spring decides to not only to call on us, but to stay with us for good like this year…

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.


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