Plan for Spring – Maintenance of Image


This is a postcard that a friend sent to me from the UK that I have given a bit of a makeover!*

The in-thing these days, in particular, is the makeover programmes on television. This picture tells it all that one (supposedly) needs to be concerned over as a woman:

  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Tums
  • Bums
  • Hair
  • et cetera et cetera…

I began with the hair and the etc’s – working my way through the rest of the list all in its own good time and timing. Am happy and content enough as I am. No major wishes to be this neither that way. The hairdo did me power of good, as the Irish say. Perks one’s mood up no end this time of the year. I highly recommend. Here are virtual hairstyles for her and for him; also not forgetting: ere is the WikiChic for your perusal.

Tis for now – Riihele xx.

* The card is called Animal Antics by Pigment Productions.


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