Incidents & Such Like: BYE!


I have lately talked an awful lot about Ireland and this happened there as well some years ago. I was working with the students coming from all over the world for ten years and this Incident took place in our home with a most lovely student from Italy.

She would come into the house every time and say:

Then she would leave the house and say:
“Bye, Bye!”

This went on for a good while and then himself decided that we couldn’t possibly let the girl go back to Italy not even knowing the correct basic greetings, so he got up off the dinner table and did the following actions:

He walks out of the house closing the door and immediately comes in saying:


Then he walks back out again shutting the door while saying:


He did this for a couple of times and then the Italian girl gets the Eureka! and says:


From then on the greetings were correct and she was one of the loveliest persons ever that we met. When we told this to some English speaking people they were thinking, that she was a bit ‘thick & dim’ but that is not the case if one keeps in mind that in Italian these greetings are:

Ciao‘ when coming in and

Ciao Ciao‘ when leaving;

so for her the way she was saying made perfect sense!

Tis for now yet again. Riihele xx.

The moral of the story: Never judge the foreigner to be dumb, if you do not know anything about their customs, culture and country or language.


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