Saint Patrick’s Day – Feast in Ireland


This time of the year in Ireland – in a normal year that is – the daffodils are in full bloom all over the place: in the fields, on the sides of the roads and in the parks and people’s gardens. These ones are in the side garden of our old home and house in County Wicklow. May they, whoever they are, that live in our old house truly enjoy them like we did!

The Paddy’s Day that I was used to in Ireland was, normally, a parade with floats and a few drinks sort of a day. These days it has evolved into a major merriment in every way possible – there are days and days of amusements in all the different areas of the island. So much so that a journalist in the Irish Times was left wondering about it all last year.
I was surprised to learn that the very first parade that took place was not in Ireland but in New York City in 1766. And it was arranged by the Protestant Irish over there! Here is a fun quiz about things Irish and here is another one on Irish history, while you are at it!

I find it very interesting and intriguing that Patrick himself was a foreigner and a blow-in as he nipped across the Irish Sea from Wales to Ireland, for I was that as well for over twenty years. Want to taste some delicacies in this festive occasion? This a site for all sorts of Irish recipes and for St.Pat’s recipes in particular for making yummy nibbles and things.

Here is a snippet about the festivities on the Official St.Patrick’s Festival 2007 site:

“From March 15th to 19th there is so much on offer – music, street theatre, family carnivals, comedy, street performances, dance, a treasure hunt, night spectacles … 4000 performers and 1 million people celebrating Ireland. So whether you are Irish or just wish you were, Dublin is the place to be this March to enjoy Ireland’s biggest party.”

Tis for now again. Slán (that is ‘Bye’) Riihele xx.



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