The Bride – Story for Vinod’s Painting


Painting by Vinod Laxman who did this painting and left it open for people to come up with a story to suit it. This is my entry on the same.

The Bride

With a deep sigh,and
a last longing look,

did the
Bride turn her eyes
to the place that
had been

her home,
her world,
her life,
the past sixteen years.

In a few moments
she would be
a wife,
a woman,
a spouse,
to a man she did not know.

She would be presented
as the bride,
bedecked with flowing red silks,
adorned with gold and precious stones,
exquisitely jewelled.

Suddenly, feeling
so overwhelmed,
she wiped the burning tears,
turned and said with a trembling voice :
“Yes, I am ready now.”

With joyous songs and exuberant dancing
she was led forth to be

The Princess to
Her Prince.

Vinod’s Challenge on “Story from a Painting”. Rii xx


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