These photos are part of a set taken by me on an extremely cold day; some of the photos are in the morning of that day when the sun was rising,and the others later in the afternoon as the sun was setting.

River with the Fallen Tree in Grays
Fallen Trees by The Misty River
Mysteriously other-worldly scene

Mist is rising off the River
Mist Rising Off The River
White snow makes this frame look brighter

The Morning has Broken
The Morning has Broken
The sky is getting brighter by the frame letting the pastel colours really to come to the fore!

Day Breaking over the River
Day Breaking over The Misty River
Looks like the sky is ablaze with fire!

Wider Shot of White On Black
Wider Shot of White on Black
I like the light branches contrasting against the dark river underneath. The river bends into a curve and the white furry branch rests over the dark stream.

Tis for now Riihele xx.

© Photos: By Riihele. All rights reserved.


4 Responses

  1. absolutely what I needed to warm my true spirit on an icy Chicago Sunday morning. I just sat down, just wanted to steal a moment, sneak a peek at the wordpress community while my newborn sleeps. She is a snacker and cat napper
    off and discovering at a mere 2 months
    Your photos capture the reason why humans should think long and hard before we disturb nature

    and after all the happenings
    we women folk still want to have babies

    oops the Princess Tomokoseh has risen!
    her warnings cries mount

  2. Chiaray,
    Thank You for a heart-warming comment of yours this Sunday eve in me part of the world! All the best with the Baba; being a Mama is the most creative thing/job a woman can ever do/be, methinks. Rii xx

  3. where in Finland were these photos taken?

  4. Hei Steph.
    They were taken in Central Finland – just round the corner where I live and where I work. Rii xx

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