Travelogue to Dublin

“In Dublin’s fair city, where girls are so pretty,/I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone, /

As she wheeled her wheelbarrow through streets broad and narrow, /Crying, Cockles and mussels! alive, alive, oh!”

Source: Think

The Irish are quick as a flash in inventing brilliant nicknames to anything and everything. There is a statue on a street in Dublin called ‘The Molly Malone’ of the famous ballad. Her nickname is ‘The Tart with the Cart’ – because the poor girl has a rather too low-cut outfit on her! She is the one with the ‘cockles and mussels…’ Here is an interactive map of Dublin.

The best or the easiest thing in my mind to do when one is for the first time in Dublin is to take your pick of the tours that do the trotting for you while you can take in the various sights and then go back later on to the ones that you want to have a closer look into. This site in the link is called, ‘Dublin Uncovered’, and there are great ideas and tips for taking tours and it has lots of useful information on the sights, sounds and so on on Dublin – that is the Visit Dublin site – and the surrounding satellite towns. And here is the NASA space view over Dublin and over my favourite mountains, The Wicklow Mountains. Wikipedia information for a visitor to Dublin is in this link.

Dublin was founded by the Norman Vikings in 988 AD – I know, my lot as I have also Swedish roots – I used to say to them in Ireland while living there for 23-years that ‘ you lot would be still living in the huts in the countryside if we had not come to organize and to urbanize you into the cities and towns.’ To show what I mean I put this informative link to the history of the city of Dublin. The main tourist place to see the Viking past is in the Dublinia and The Medieval Viking World located in the Christ Church Cathedral. The other large cathedral, St. Patrick’s, is right besides the Christ Church.

The Book of Kells is in the Library of the Trinity College – founded in 1592 by the Elisabeth I. So it’s been there for a while, one can safely say! There are many other museums in Dublin and here is the main index where they are listed in a clear way for your perusal; like The Dublin Writers Museum on the Parnell Square right at the city centre or The National Museum of Decorative Arts & History in the Collins Barracks which is also in the city centre so there is no need to go on long treks to any direction.

Here is a handy guide to accommodation in Dublin hotels, also the whole of Ireland is there through the further links, and here is another very useful link to the hostels, B&B’s, self catering et cetera. I wrote about eating out in here. Also, the Kilkenny Design store on Nassau Street is a fabulous place to shop for souvenirs and have a delicious meal to boot.

Are you getting parched? Well, no panic. Guinness is everywhere at its best, of course, being the city of the brew in question. There’s even a museum to do with the same at the St.James’ Gate that again is situated right at the compact city centre of Dublin.

Then there are a few of my own favourites haunts such as the Cafe an Seine – yes, it’s very French – which is situated right in the centre of Dublin on Dawson Street. The pastries are outstanding and the coffee ab fab and the ambience very turn of the century Paris. Another great French place is the cafe called, Cafe des Amis at the Alliance Francaise.

The Westbury Hotel off the Grafton Street, where one can sit in peace and ponder what is and what will be in the most elegant surroundings. It was there that we, as in the daughters and I used to wait for the traffic jams to clear. It was also in the Westbury that I used to meet my friends who lived in the other parts of Dublin as it was the handiest for all of us for a platter & a natter! As the ladies are in wont of doing worldover. The hotel is very posh but one need not spend a fortune there as you can just have a pint or a glass of good wine for about 4-5 euros in the lap of luxury.

BON VOYAGE to Dublin – Enjoy Your Tour today!

Says, Your Guide Riihele xx.


Here is another ab fab compiled guide to visiting Dublin with masses of great links.



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  1. I was born in England, and have been to England, Scotland, Wales, and France in that immediate area. Never been to Ireland, though, you make it sound fairly nice and alive!

  2. Hei Nicodemus.
    Ireland is a great place to visit. I wrote another entry on Ireland called: Travels: My Kind of Ireland. Do have a lookie on that as well, if you will. Take care and do keep well. Rii xx

  3. Good site!!!

  4. Nice design. Lots of useful information! Please more updates stacey keibler

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