Incidents and Such Like ~ Ski Jump


The fact of the matter is that Donald Duck and I share the same predicament in being persons for whom things happen – whether one is looking for them to happen or not!! Sad things, mad things, glad things, do roll out in a never-ending roller coaster.

This incident happened in Lapland, where I was born and where I grew up, when I was about ten-years old. My brother had a mini ski jump – though, for my size, it was massive – and the boys were for ever having great and exciting ski jumping competitions in which we girls for obvious reasons could not take part.

One late afternoon when all had gone to their respective homes, I got the daring idea that I woud give a challenge the next day to the boys and my elder brother, specially, for a competition: I would represent the girls and whoever the boys!!

I thought that in order to do that I did have to first figure out the secrets of ski jumping! As I was all by myself, I thought that I better not go right to the top of the ski jump but towards the end of the ramp – how I got in there at all, I do not know – but there I was and I jumped!!

          While there in the mid air,

I realized that I had absolutely no notion,
not even the faintest clue, at all –


The ski jumping to me when small, did not look that hard, you see…
If me little head had understood that there is a very special technic and know-how to the art of ski jumping, well, then I would never ever had even thought of challenging anybody to this sport!

Anyhow, there I am still up in the air – but so not enjoying the elevated view of the scenery – and I am praying and saying to God:

If You will get me down,
I will never ever do this thing again.”


And He did. I don’t know how – but suddenly my feet in the skis touched the terra firma! There I was on the ground, shaking but in tact, not a bone broken, not a limb hurt – only my pride…

I went for my supper rather shaken and very, very stirred. I never told
anybody, at the time, what happened. Neither did I do THAT* thing ever again! So the boys never got this challenge from me.

Tis for now – Riihele xx.

*But I did jump again – this time off a moving train in Scotland.

The photo is taken by yours truly on Friday last when we visited the Ski Museum in Lahti.


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