100-Things That I Love


  1. Love the colour purple in various hues, tones and shades
  2. Love the Calla Lilies
  3. Love  Shelties
  4. Love cats  – nowadays that is
  5. Love to cook
  6. Love to bake
  7. Love to try out new recipes – mine & others
  8. Love good quality red wine with my dinner
  9. Love to eat in a good restaurant
  10. Love to read, read, read…
  11. Love to listen to the Mizrahi music
  12. Love Sarit Hadad’s songs
  13. Love life  & to live
  14. Love to good strong coffee – Espresso specially
  15. Love white tulips
  16. Love white lilies
  17. Love white roses
  18. Love Persian food – my fav ethnic food of all foods
  19. Love Lapland – where I was born and grew up
  20. Love Israel
  21. Love Ireland -my home for 20+ yrs
  22. Love Finland
  23. Love Sweden – most lovely time
  24. Love to travel
  25. Love the autumn colours in the nature
  26. Love to walk
  27. Love to talk – am a woman of few words, indeed Image
  28. Love to listen/ to observe
  29. Love people
  30. Love shopping – doing RT less nowadays 😉
  31. Love to write
  32. Love to blog
  33. Love to put lots & lots of links into me blogs ;))
  34. Love the spa in the Dead Sea – been there three times so far – what a BLISS!!
  35. Love to go the beautician for Ginot Hydradermie treatment – fab!
  36. Love hot hot mud treatments in the Dead Sea Spa
  37. Love the scent of Old English Roses
  38. Love the scent of Cool Water for Women by Davidoff
  39. Love to paint
  40. Love to take photos
  41. Love art/painting
  42. Love the art of Monet
  43. Love the art of Vermeer
  44. Love the books of Jane Austen – Oh, Mr Darcy!! Image
  45. Love the books of Elizabeth Gaskell – Mr Thornton…ooh, I faint.
  46. Love to text on my mobile – have a deal with 1000 text messages for free
  47. Love to eat barbequed food
  48. Love salmon
  49. Love gravad lax
  50. Love bagels
  51. Love all sorts of fresh fruit
  52. Love mandarin oranges in particular
  53. Love blueberries – the best thing of Finland
  54. Love cloudberries – Fantabulous!
  55. Love hummous
  56. Love green olives
  57. Love falafel
  58. Love my daughters – oopppsy, nearly forgot;)
  59. Love to chill
  60. Love to be still
  61. Love to be busy
  62. Love to learn
  63. Love to study
  64. Love to go the libraries
  65. Love to love Image
  66. Love to be loved ImageImage
  67. Love and admire persons who are genuine
  68. Love my Toshiba Satellite laptop
  69. Love to think
  70. Love to ponder, wonder
  71. Love to ask questions
  72. Love to find out things
  73. Love my books
  74. Love the movie: Sweet  Home Alabama
  75. Love to find great blogs to read
  76. Love to try new things
  77. Love the international aspects of life
  78. Love that I am of many different nations through my ancestors
  79. Love to speak many languages
  80. Love humour
  81. Love to joke/joking
  82. Love people with the sense of humour and fun
  83. Love to laugh Image
  84. Love when shown compassion when feeling low
  85. Love to be part of things
  86. Love a beautiful scenery
  87. Love the water as in a huge river, big lake or the sea
  88. Love the sound of a fountain
  89. Love the colour of Jerusalem stone – Golden in the sunset/rise
  90. Love the colour of the mountains in Israel – Pink in certain lights
  91. Love a surprise – good one that is, please
  92. Love my friends – old & new
  93. Love to make people feel at home in my company
  94. Love to fly in an aeroplane or a helicopter
  95. Love gardens/gardening – again, as did not for a while
  96. Love live concerts – classical music/ some others like Paul Simon
  97. Love the sound of trumpet
  98. Love the sound of harp
  99. Love the sound of shofar
  100. Love GOD – because He made me, me and gave  me my life as a Gift!

Tis for now.  Riihele xx


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