Incidents & Such Like: Lunch


This Incident took place in a bus in Ireland a good few years ago where a whole lot of passengers were each minding their own business when suddenly a little clear voice pipes out above all the other discussions and whatnot:

“Mum, why did you pour our lunch over our heads?”

There is an absolute silence as all the other things have come to a complete halt while we are holding our breaths waiting to hear the ‘why’.

The mother takes her time in answering and finally she says totally calm and collected:

“You pushed me to it.”


The boys say nothing, neither does anyone else and the activities continue as before.

I took a second look at this poor harassed mother with her two lively sons and felt deep sympathy for her.

I kept seeing this mother and her two sons in different places; on the street or in the shops over the years as they lived in the same town. She always looked as worn-out as ever while the sons look as innocent as ever.

The very last time that I spotted them, the sons were grown-up, and were very nice looking boys indeed. I felt like asking them about the incident, but as I had never talked to them before, I came to the conclusion that this incident of the ‘lunch-poured-over-the-heads’ was to remain undissolved, unknown and unmentioned.

What I wanted to know was:

    • What exactly happened?
    • What made her finally lose her cool?
    • What was the aftermath?
    • Who tidied up?
    • What was the lunch?

As a mother one can come to the edge at times to do precisely the very thing this mother actually did; just want to know what was the final push…

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

PS. The picture is off the net.