Behind Every Man…


“Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife.”


Groucho Marx quotes

Behind every successful man there is supposed to be a woman. I am certain that you are familiar with this saying. And sure enough, have a think about this handy list of the same:


  • Muse for the poet/artist
  • Mistress for the politician/dictator
  • Moll for the criminal/mafioso
  • Mrs for the average Joe Blogg
  • Mother for the Everyman.

Need I add more to that – if you can think of any more let me know, please. I think the one or two common factors of the first three are the facts that the women of their inspiration need to be looking good at all times and to have the patience to tolerate an ignoramus – he may be or may not be a poet or an artist less so. Picasso, Dali, Ted Hughes. Hmmm…

I like to read all kinds of books and particularly about women and men of interest worldover. Not so long ago I read this book by Tehmina Durrani called, “My Feudal Lord“, a terrific book that makes one think and ponder deeply and hard about the motives and ways of life. I could hardly put it down as I read it, so taken was I by it. I do follow this writer’s life and her recovery of the ordeal these days.

Tis for now and do keep reading as well as blogging. Riihele xx

The picture has absolutely nothing to do with the subject but I like it for it is one of my own photos taken in Ireland last summer.