Incidents and Such Like – Camels


You know that when a woman gets of a certain age – huh? – well, anything over the age of 21 – she very much appreciates being complemented on her being. I was on a quick tour of Israel there a few years ago, the year before I filled ‘even numbers’ that this incident took place. I went/lived there in the years when the Intifada was at its worst and the most dangerous.

Anyway, this is what happened:

It was hot in the extreme and I had drank gallons and as we were returning back to the Old City of Jerusalem to the hotel where we were staying when just outside the Jaffa Gate came this most insistent ‘tour guide’ -wanna be starting to offer his expertise in taking us – against a hefty pay, though that wasn’t mentioned – for a tour around the streets of the city.

The man kept on and on yakking and doing his spiel not listening at all to the polite but firm

‘No, Thank You’.

So I went right to his face and said in English with glaring eyes and through the gritted teeth :

“Which part of the ‘no’ do you not understand?”

Then I just turned around on my heels and went off to do a dash of a hundred yard sprint into our hotel already in view.

My friend, Joan, was there with the man still standing as I left .

There I am doing the record breaking run when I hear from behind me the two of them roaring laughing – thinking, so I am – such ‘bitches’.

Then a few minutes later Joan barges into the coffee shop of the hotel and says:

“Guess, what he said?”

“Beats me”, I said. Thinking it would be something really mean and horrid.

“He said:

“Wow, I would give a million camels for her as she is in such a good condition!!”

I thought that it sounded really great, but as I am not accustomed to equating money and value with camels, I asked one of my local Arabic friends what could it possibly mean.

Andre was shaking his head in amazement and saying –

‘If you have one camel, you are very rich.’

So easy maths: one camel x 1M camels. Hmm.. . It does sound a lot.

I was so very pleased, needless to say.

The last thing after all this was that she asked me: “Why did you leave?”
So I explained to her and she understood, still roaring laughing at the man’s comment.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

I told one of my Jewish friends what this man had ‘offered’ for me hand and his answer was:

” I will give for you one million and One camels!”

My own thinking is this that if I had sweetly smiled at him with no gritted teeth and no clicked heels that his offer would have been at least 2 million camels!!
=)My Cheeky Grin