The Perfect European Should Be…

The Perfect European

The Perfect European – which nationality in The Happy Family that makes the European Union has got the ‘it’. That question does arise every now and then.

I did an earlier entry some time ago called: ‘Wanted: Europeans Unity.’ Here is a map with all the countries listed. Europe got its name from a mythological figure of the same name and in some languages the continent is called, Europa, exactly as the namesake. Here is the official gateway to The European Union. The link to The Council of Europe is here. The Council of Europe page on the symbols is in this link. Another great and informative site is in here where the US events are reported. Yet another link with all kinds of information for and about the teachers and schools that took part in the celebrations on the Europe Day. And The European Parliament is in this link. – Take your pick on the language of your choice to view the pages, there’s plenty to choose from! – I know, info galore!! Yet another great and handy link into the European Union Commission pages is in this link.

I got this card featured one year from Becki, as she was heading off to the far-off shores in one of her travels, she saw this card in Gatwick Airport in London. It was the Finn bit in the card that made her think of me; the ‘oh, so quiet and shy mother of hers!

The Perfect European Should Be…

Cooking …. Like a Brit

Available…. As a Belgian

Flexible… As a Swede

Sober…. As the Irish

Talkative…. As a Finn

Famous….As a Luxembourger

Humble…. As a Spaniard

Generous…. As a Dutchman

Humorous….As a German

Patient…. As an Austrian

Organised….As a Greek

Driving…. Like the French

Technical….As a Portuguese

Controlled…. As an Italian

Discreet….As a Dane

The motto of the European Union, in Latin, In varietate concordia, “UNITY IN DIVERSITY.”The emphasis in this slogan is on the word ‘unity’ in this wording. The new proposed motto is this, “United in Diversity.” The emphasis in this expression is on the word ‘diversity’, in my mind. The Irish take on the diversity of the opinions and the platform provided for the same is in here. This is BBC’s take on today’s news on Bulgaria and Romania joining The Happy Family in January 2007. And here is more on the rest of the queue banging at the Fortress Europe to open the gates for them.

The very first blog that I read regularly was that of Margot Wallström – who that? Well, she is the Vice-President of The European Commission and here is her personal profile in this link. Tis for now on the The Perfect European.

Riihele xx.

The card is by:
WPI WhitewayPublications Ltd.