Incidents and Such Like – Baileys


This incident happened a few years ago in Tel-Aviv, Israel.There is a great Irish Pub there called, Molly Bloom’s and we just had to check it out being a gang of Irish. We met a couple of very happy Irish at the door coming out as we were about go in whom we knew that told us that they had – in their own words: ‘drank the place dry.’ They looked it as well, so we did not doubt it one bit. Well, not to worry. We are not big drinkers just one and we are grand.

In we went, found great seats in the packed-jammers pub as it is a very popular place and looked around to who else would be around. We got talking to tis chap and his girlfriend who we had never ever seen or heard of and it turned out that he was the owner of the place.

‘Aha’ says ma brain, aloud I say:
“Okay, R., you are Irish and I am Irish; What are going to give us on the house?

R. blinks only a second or two – that must said to his credit forever – and recovering manly says:

” What would you like?”

” Baileys, large, on plenty of ice, please.” I am not one to hesitate, you see.

Then he asks what the others want in the party and they get theirs, also on the house.

We leave the place sometime later thanking him profusely. The others are moved to the extent that I had to help them navigate back to the hotel
in the early hours through the streets of Tel-Aviv in 2002, when it was as its most dangerous over in Israel.

The other side of the story is this that the next evening we were going to the Irish ambassador’s posh do dressed up-to-the-nines at his residency near Tel-Aviv and whom did I spot there in the throng but R. himself. Well, now then!

It was my turn to recover this time, so I say to him:

“Thank you ever so much, R., for your kind generosity last night in your pub.”

R. all smiles, kindness and generosity itself:

“It was my pleasure.”

Well, what a gallant, noble gentleman, I say.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.