Toast + Marmite = ART


I put the words ‘Marmite Art’ in the google and out popped a plethora of possible articles on the same, of which I picked the Beeb one and here is an extract of the same:

Famous faces captured in Marmite

An artist has immortalised a series of famous faces including James Blunt and Jude Law* – using toast and Marmite.

Dermot Flynn‘s work will be displayed at a gallery in London alongside art created by the public using the spread. Marmite are using the exhibition to promote the launch of a new squeezable container for the product, whose advertising slogan in recent years has been “you either love it or you hate it”.

TV adverts from 2005 which featured a giant blob of Marmite drew complaints from parents who said their children had been “terrified” and suffered nightmares.

How does this kind of ART appeal to You?

Tis for now. Rii xx.
* Jude Law’s mugshot in Marmite ART. Do You think it looks like him, eh?!

Marmite iNFO:

  • contains a beer yeast by-product rich in many vitamins
  • including Vitamin B and folic acid
  • made since 1902 in Staffordshire,UK
  • is 100% vegetarian and
  • has virtually no fat
  • soldiers posted abroad in the Second World War were sent gallons of it to keep their strength up.

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