Blondes Do: Solve Problems


This is a story of a Blonde and the challenges in the life to one who takes the life as it comes and gets on with it as best as she can.  Here is what the Blonde is up against:

Prejudice Against Blondes
by Dennis Meanise Thursday, Apr. 21, 2005 at 10:39 PM

There is a form of racist prejudice in this country that seldom is ever acknowledged—namely prejudicial stereotyping of blonde people (particularly in negative ways). Often it is subtle and other times notso; and yet it seems more pervasive than many people may be willing to believe.
(Miami IndyMedia. Org News)

This is what happened to the Blonde:
It is very late in the afternoon on the last Friday just before the holidays, when one of the co-workers of herself says that ‘her window is not closing properly and would, the Blonde, give the fixer-men a call to come and fix it’.

Blonde rings the men and is told that ‘they are in a totally different part of the town and that it would go to the arm-and-the-leg rate as it is Bank Holiday starting.

Blonde says: ‘Okay, I shall go and see for myself what the matter is?’  And she trots off to the second floor of the building.

When there she inspects the ‘subject’ – thinks for a split-second or two as she can see that neither of them can solve this window without some extra help and says so to the colleague.

Off she goes to see who is still around there, as it has to be a tall man with muscle to be of any help in the dilemma.

Blonde gives a look at the different chaps, then knocks at a room, walks in and says: ‘Any raw strength and power here?’

The man laughs, gets up, saying: ‘It depends.’

Then he walks into the room in question, pulls the window open with this ‘raw strength and power’ and jams it tightly closed again.

Voila! Problem solved.

Blonde to the Damsel-in-trouble: ‘Why did you not ask help from him or any other man earlier on?’ 

‘I did not think of it‘, she says.

‘It would have been my first port of call, had it been me, ‘ says the Blonde, continuing: ‘one just needs to bat the eyelashes a bit, and the help arrives in a jiffy!!’

Blonde’s comment on the matter is this: Sometimes people just get too PC by their PC’s!

Life for The Blonde is a never-ending, but oh-so exciting, learning curve.

Tis for now Rii xx.