The Balancing Act ~ Being Everything 2 Everybody

Balancing Act

Picture off the net, makeover on the same by Riihele.

As a mother, a nurse, a cook, a cleaning lady, a wife ( now an ex), a friend, a neighbour, a sister, an employer, an employee, a citizen, et cetera, one is forced to learn fast the know-all of an acrobat and to become a master trapeze artist and a multifaceted expert at the Balancing Act!

It takes a huge amount of skill and stamina to be to able to be everything to everyone in one’s life. And I would say that one can do it – that is: this all in all – for only a short space of time because in the long run one’s own health will begin to pack in.

I went grossly underweight myself because of the over-the-top demands that were bombarded on me from all directions. I ate well but it was not sticking on me bones no matter what. I even had a daily Guinness to gain weight for months on end, but to no avail except that I became very fond of the black stuff!

Would you believe that, in the times not so long past, the Pint of Plain aka Guinness was on the house – for free – for the new mothers in the hospital in Ireland called the Rotunda! Yep twas. No wonder that the people are/ were so partial to the brew when it was dished to them in the mother’s milk as well. Guaranteed customers from the birth. Well, the St.James’s Gate – the home of Guinness – isn’t that far physically located from the Rotunda. Here is the story of the Pint of Plain and here is another site to read on the same.

By the time I went to the Rotunda Hospital to have my daughters the custom of the free brew was no longer part of the daily routine for the new mums. Rotunda – the painting in this link shows the shape of the building – is such an apt name for the maternity hospital as one goes in there rather rotund…!! It is also the oldest maternity hospital in the world, founded in 1745! It looked like they had not done much renevations since the year of building when I was there, anyway. The history of the Rotunda is most interesting, indeed. Have a read.

THINK, that in the wide world there is a mother dying every few seconds – the Unicef article of 2003 states that 1400 mothers die every day because of the complications of the pregnancy and the birth.Here is what the UNICEF says about it all. It is nigh impossible to fathom for us in the west and in the parts of the world where the antenatal and the postnatal care are taken for granted.

That to me is the Pandemic Catastrophy of giant proportions and not the other thing at the moment that is marketed for us as such worldwide.

How are You Balancing the Act in your own life?

Tis for now until the next posting. Riihele xx.


The poor thing on the trapeze looks rather harassed and is about to fall.