Did You Know That: Birds


Did You Know That the birds are expert interior designers and decorators? Well, neither did I until I read one day in my morning newspaper that this is so. Really, it is so that unless one lives in an area where there are birds of the feather nearby, one does not pay that much attention to their doings and goings on.Thus, one remains ignorant of the beauty and joy that they do bring into one’s life.

I am reminded of the birds of the feather as the weather has been so very mild for the past few weeks now that some plants are coming with new blooms. Also, passing by a place where there are lots of birds, I heard them negoating deals for property and new litters seemed to in the planning. So, I thought:’For goodness sake, Birdies; tis winter not spring! Do not get fooled into a wrong deal nor into a wrong plan regarding parenting for when the winter winds arrive, they are most unkind.’ The Snow That Was Photos are in this link and me ponderings, wonderings about the weather is in this here.

We had a garden in Ireland that had lots of various kinds of birds residing in it,and they did not mind that there were also the enemies of them – our cats – who constantly tried to and sometimes succeeded in killing some. No matter what we did to make the cats to stop being such brutes, they just kept on honing their skills in hunting and killing.

I like and I love to learn about all sorts of things and people worldover, so for me to be able to tuck into the daily paper is such a pleasure. A lot of the ideas to ‘what’ to write comes from the daily reading of a whole range of newspapers both online and actually in the ‘real paper’ form. Also, over the years I have read books and articles in a variety of languages so they will keep on popping up as well from time to time. I do have a few topics on-going like The Pink Sofa-Chats, Travelogues, about my life so far-stories of growing up in Lapland and so on, but every now and then it is refreshing to take up something totally different, a new topic and then weave away to make it into a pattern of ‘cloth’ made of words and images of mind. Hence, this new topic: Did You Know That…

The interior colours that are the most in are shown in here.To me it does look like it is the usual colours that are always ‘in’: the yellows, the pinks, the reds et cetera. The site gives a Top Ten Designer Techniques -chart which is very handy.

But back to the birds – The One in the bird ‘interior design and decorating world’ that is a top-notch skilled designer and has the most fanciful taste is the Starling. In the newspaper that I mentioned above, there is a photograph of this bird’s work and it must be seen to be believed. The Starlings even put into the nests some herbs such as the mint and the lavender with their ethereal oils that add to the wellbeing of the off-spring which has been proven by some French scientists. Apparently, they want to smell good and be fragrant as well, you see!

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

I will be looking at them birds with an altogether different eye now that I know that there could be some useful and beautiful interior design ideas in their nests.

The photograph is one that I took a few years ago, though no sign of not even one single bird in it. They must have been hiding somewhere in their luxuriously and tastefully designed and oh-so-delightfully fragrant nests.


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