Incidents and Such Like – Donald Duck

Calla Lilies

This is another interlude along the memory lane. That photograph is from my garden in Ireland which I took a few years ago. The plant is one of my favourites – a Calla Lily.

The fact of the matter is that Donald Duck  and I share the same predicament,  in being persons for whom things happen – whether one is looking for them to happen or not!! Sad things, mad things, glad things,  do roll out in a never-ending roller coaster.

I said to somebody in Israel this very thing and his reaction was: Donald, who? He had never heard of him, so trying to jolt his memory on things childhood  –

I said: ” Do you know Disney?”

Answer: “Yes.”

Riihele: ” Well, do you remember Mickey Mouse ?”

He: “Yes, I do.”

Riihele: ” Well, there was another character called Donald Duck.”

He: Total blankness.

Riihele: “Never mind. Forget it. Where did you live anyway???!!”

He was born and grew-up in Persia. So – there Donald Duck was not famous.

Tis for now – Riihele xx