On The Pink Sofa – Let’s Talk: Coffee

Pink Sofa

I made this collage to go with the theme I have in mind, which is to sit down on the sofa like I would do with a friend at home, a cuppa in hand and we would just nat away. Yep, typical for the female of the species. What I have in mind is things like a good book, an article in a magazine or in a newspaper and stuff like that that we can natter about and comment. I have called this entry ‘On The Pink Sofa‘ – Let’s Talk – for there are so many little and some are somewhat bigger things on my mind and this time tis coffee. Cuppa of coffee n here we go…

Finland, for sure, has such a great tasting, though, strong coffee – there is a calculator in that link to check if you are drinking too much; so do have a check how you doing. Yet in Finland we can buy it at a reasonable cost because the stores use the price of coffee as their honey trap to lure the customers in. Finland is the number one country in the world for the consumption of coffee at 11,99 kg/per person per annum. Sweden comes in number two at 8,05 kg/per person and the European Union average is 5,12 kg/per person per annum. The USA is only 4,62 kg/pp per annum and tea drinking nation of Britain has just 2,43 kg/ per person per annum. It could be nearly said that coffee is the national beverage of the Land of the Fine Finns. Would you agree?!

I am very fond of the Turkish Coffee and tis my favourite type of coffee or as it is called in Israel, Cafe Aravi aka Arabic Coffee, as well. It is just the ticket after a (big) meal. The cardamom in it is said to aid digestion, I have heard said and held by many. I am of the same opionion, as I have by experience proven this theory to be just that. Here is a link to me Morning Routine.

I have listed coffee drinking as one of my interests/ hobbies in life. Yup, that’s true. I use it for medicinal purposes as well as recreational. Huh?!! Well, I will tell you: the reason for the medical use is that I have an extremely low blod pressure that causes me to be a Ditzier Blond than I would need to be – many a time!! Once I went to our family doctor a good few years ago in Ireland – great one really, normally – and he took my blood pressure, patted my hand very patronizingly and said:

Doc: ” So brilliant that you are such a laid-back personality.”

                       Riihele: ????!!! Image

One thing, for definitely, that I am so not is laid-back. The reading of the blood pressure at the doc’s was all of 85/50 and I was feeling more dead than alive. Then to be told this. Shocking. He would not prescribe me anything – zippo – for the pressure to leap up. No, Sir! Staggered home and started to think for a Plan B. Hmmm… So, as I am inventive and a need is a mother of invention – I thought that as one is so much been warned NOT to drink coffee for its blood pressure hiking reasons, I said ‘Bingo’ to myself and that is when it became my medicine.*

And what a great medicine at that has it been to me! At times, when the blood pressure stubbornly refuses to hike up, I am forced to, instead of the usual Finnish pitch black brew, make coffee in the Mocha aka the Italian Coffee Maker on the stove. I pour myself a double whammy of espresso and gulp it down with a sugar lump or two. Sure enough, that kick and jolt works then for ages.Gift.

The bigger thing on ma mind is this: the doctors need to listen to their patients patiently and then make their decision. Our doc usually was and is first class, but here he just missed the boat! And I let him know that – in the nicest possible way – naturally!

Tis for now – Riihele xx.

* This is my experience with
coffee – everyone should consult their own doctor on the issue of blood pressure etc.