As you know yesterday was a BIG DAY for us Finns and the festivities included the most gorgeous Cream Cakes – yup with the capital letters, they are so tasty – that this nation does produce by the ton. I was digging into me Number 5 slice of the said Cream Cake – Raspberries on top with lashings of real fresh cream – yum, I know; when the thought hit me while mouthfuls of the cake went down by the speed of lightning:

“Have one’s cake


eat it too”

Me thought:

One just needs to buy
big enough cake to have some,

and to eat some!!

Thinking on went online to find the origins of this saying which is here:

To wish to have one’s cake and eat it too (sometimes eat one’s cake and have it too) is to want more than one can handle or deserve, or to try to have two incompatible things. This is a popular English idiomatic proverb, or figure of speech.

The phrase’s earliest recording is from 1546 as “wolde you bothe eate your cake, and haue your cake?“, alluding to the impossibility of eating your cake and still having it afterwards; the modern version (where the clauses are reversed) is a corruption which was first signaled in 1812.

Comedian George Carlin once critiqued this idiom by saying, “When people say,

‘Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too.
‘ What good is a cake you can’t eat? What should I eat, someone else’s cake instead?”.

I do like that line about eating someone else’s cake. Hmmm…Image

Of course, in the original correct form (eat your cake and have it too), Carlin’s critique does not apply.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too is a book by Susan G. Purdy. Bob Dylan changed the phrase in his song “Lay Lady Lay” in the line: “You can have your cake and eat it, too.” (The Free Dictionary online )

Well what you do you know!
Tis for now. Rii xx.

What are Your thoughts on the matter?