Don’t Knock the Weather!


There is a quote on the weather by Kin Hubbard that goes like this:

“Don’t knock the weather;
nine-tenth of the people
couldn’t start a conversation
if it didn’t change
once in a while.”

So I will not knock this topic as it is as good as any other subject. In Ireland the people use this expression:

 “There is an awful lot of weather.”

The reason being that one can never be absolutely 100% sure of how the day’s weather will behave itself. Will it shine, will it rain, will it be windy…? The guessing game is wildly on daily. One can leave the house in a glorious sunshine and be hit by a shower just down the road. I used to carry my brolly everywhere at times – twas like an insurance that it would not rain because of the umbrella was with me, and if I did not take it with me – it was sure that the heavens opened. Always.

The fact of the matter is that there can be pouring rain for days and days, even for weeks on end in Ireland. There are the 40-shades of the various hues and tones of the green colour and I would say, nearly as many expressions on the different types of rain as well! I have never heard anywhere else these so aptly descriptive names for the rain and the raining than in Ireland.

It was in Nenagh, County Tipperary – yes, the one that is A LONG WAY TO GO – where we travelled fairly shortly after I had arrived in Ireland that as we were walking on the street into the car and it was about to rain, this local man said in the thickest possible Tipp-brogue:

“There is

Yes, indeed, the softness did come! It was a quick dash into the car to get out of the heavy downpour. The photograph is a town garden in Wicklow Town that Becki took last summer. So you see, when the sun is not hiding shyly away, it is glorious, and everything looks absolutely beautiful and abundantly lush in Ireland.

The reason that these things came to my mind today is that there is an awful lot of weather here in Finland at the moment as well. There is the weather report in Helsinki in the link at this very minute. All the snow that we had by the foot is all gone and today it has been pouring rain all day. Miserable. The weather just seems to be unable to make up its mind to as what it is going to be these days. Very much like the typical Irish weather in its behaviour…

Tis for now. Riihele xx.