Photo of the Sky with Fluff & Stuff by Riihele.

I have called this entry Fluff & Stuff because that is what is in me head right this minute – not just sawdust, you know. I did an earlier entry last month on The Fluff – Blue Cheese Perfume and The Stuff – Domestic Violence. One comes across these funny as in odd, strange, unusual, pieces of news every now and then.This is the now and the here.



First of all to The Fluff bit:
Reuters Oddly Enough by Jeremy Lovell LONDON (Reuters) –

Barbie in Midnight Red, dating from 1965, sold for a world record 9,000 pounds ($17,000) on Tuesday as collectors from around the world gathered to bid for a piece of a unique private collection of 4,000 Barbie family dolls.
The doll, which had been priced at up to 600 pounds, became the most expensive Barbie ever to be sold at auction, according to Christie’s who ran the sale. The previous auction record was 2,800 pounds also set at Christie’s in 1999.

“It was very competitive,” said a Christie’s spokeswoman. “People were taking this very seriously. We had interest from all four corners of the world.”

Amazing. I never was into Barbie-world ever, still find all this intriguing. Did you know that Barbie has in her lifetime since 1959 ‘done or had’ the following things:

  • Her full name is: Barbie Millicent Roberts
  • top-selling doll in the world, with annual sales of some $3 billion
  • 95 different careers – anything from an astronaut, doctor, model to fire-fighter
  • 45 nationalities
  • 43 pets – from a poodle to zebra
  • that her name comes from the co-owner’s * daughter’s name
  • Ken- Barbie’s eternal boyfriend was named after the son of this lady

All in all – a very busy busy woman with all those jobs, pets and nationalities and not a hair out of place neither did the grin ever diminish on that perfect face. Go Girl! **

~~~ o00O000 ~~~

Then secondly to The Stuff – a few weeks ago on the 28.9. there was the anniversary of the sea disaster of the Estonia in 1994 when nearly 900 people lost their lives in the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea. Here is the final report on the said disaster completed in 1997.

One year – in 1989 – the girls and I came from Ireland for an extended time in both Sweden and Finland where we flew over to Stockholm but took the ferry across to Finland from Sweden. It is a fabulous journey through the Archipelago and takes about 8 hours or so during daytime but slightly longer during the night journey to Turku, in Finland. We took the day ferry going over to Finland and the night one getting back to Stockholm. Now, the ferry that we took both ways was called at the time ‘Viking Sally ‘ – which later was renamed Estonia, this very ship that sunk in 1994.

I have taken these ferry journeys back and forth for multiple of times over the years that I lived in Stockholm and it had never ever bothered me to be onboard any of them until we were travelling on this Viking Sally aka Estonia years later; as I got a very very strong warning, dark foreboding whatever one calls it and could hardly sleep a wink, though am a talented sleeper normally. The girls sensed my restlessness and I tried to keep calm for their sake.

When I heard this utterly horrid news about this very ship sinking, I remembered my foreboding and the sense of gloom and doom hanging over that ferry that I had felt so many years before. The other day all these things and feelings came back so very real again.

Tis for now. Riihele xx.

We have several photos of our travel on the Viking Sally, but I do not want to put them here, as somebody who lost a loved one on this terrible disaster might be reading this, and it would be rather tactless, methinks.

* That is: the co-owner of Mattel – the toy makers
** Newsflash: New Barbie doll to raise Breast Cancer Awareness more…