Blondes Don’t Do: Light Bulbs



This is a story of a Blonde and the challenges in the life to one who takes the life as it comes and gets on with it as best as she can. Here is what the Blonde is up against:

Prejudice Against Blondes
by Dennis Meanise Thursday, Apr. 21, 2005 at 10:39 PM

There is a form of racist prejudice in this country that seldom is ever acknowledged—namely prejudicial stereotyping of blonde people (particularly in negative ways). Often it is subtle and other times notso; and yet it seems more pervasive than many people may be willing to believe.
(Miami IndyMedia. Org News)
This is what happened to the Blonde:
Light bulbs gave up the ghost and being usually one who does not do light bulbs, she thought that ‘I am a Big Girl now and I better learn this trick’ and off to the store she went.

Scene 1:
There she stands all by herself in this huge electrical section – nobody to ask what, where, how….

Scratching her head in near despair with all them bulbs –


Which ONE is she supposed to get?

15 W Pearly White?

20 W Clear?
40 W?

60 W?

Do you know what – what is the W?


Three pack, two pack?

She decides for the two pack clear ones for 1.60 € and heads for the pay counter.


Scene 2:

Happy with the successful purchases she comes into her pad, starts to show the world that SHE CAN do this like a Big Gal.

First bulb goes in – no probs.

Tis fun!

The second bulb goes in – probs, hmmm…

What’s now?

She tries it in another lamp

– nothing doing

– something is wrong…

It was agreed, this bulb is a dud.

Back to the shop it must go.


wait a second…

Did she not take the OLD bulb and try that one as the new?

Yes, she did.


Life for The Blonde is a never-ending learning curve.

Tis for now. Riihele xx




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